Blueberries are a powerhouse of phytonutrients and antioxidants. Because of its incredible low calorie content and numerous benefits, blueberries are often labeled as “superfood.”  This fruit has been shown to be effective in everything from promoting brain health to maintaining strong heart. This article will reveal to you 10 benefits of blueberries for health and beauty supported by research.

Overview of The Amazing Benefits of Blueberries for Health and Beauty


  1. improves brain power.
  2. reduces inflammation.
  3. supports digestion.
  4. helps to lose weight.
  5. good for preventing heart problems.
  6. anti-aging benefits.
  7. lowers blood pressure.
  8. maintains healthy skin.
  9. helps to prevent cancer.
  10. stimulates hair growth.
  11. improves mental health.

1. Improve Brain Power

This may be the most impressive benefit of blueberries. The jam packed antioxidants in blueberries help to protect the human brain from free radical damage and slow down brain aging.

According to a 2016 study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, drinking blueberry juice can improve cognitive performance and enhance memory significantly.


2. Reduce Inflammation

The antioxidants in this fruit possess anti-inflammatory properties, thereby reducing the activity of inflammation. Despite inflammation is a normal immune response of the human body to protect itself from injury and illness, chronic inflammation is considered the root of most diseases and conditions.

In fact, inflammation can result in a host of conditions, such as heart disease, cancer, depression and autoimmune diseases.

3. Support Digestion

Consuming 1-2 blueberries will help you meet your daily fiber needs and also support your digestion. It is thanks to the fiber content in blueberries. When you consume fiber, it will travel through your gastrointestinal tract and add bulk to the stool, thereby keeping you healthy.

You can combine blueberries with other high-fiber foods, such as legumes, fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts to keep your digestive system operating effectively.

3.  Aid Weight Loss

Once again, due to the high fiber content, blueberries can enhance digestion and weight loss. This fruit also improves your satiety and reduces belly fat. Just a cup of blueberries offers 15 grams of carbohydrates and 84 calories. You can take advantage of either dried or frozen blueberries as delicious low-calorie snacks.


4. Protect Healthy Heart

Having a healthy heart is a key to maintaining a healthy body. The human heart is responsible for pumping blood via the body, thereby providing your tissues with essential nutrients and oxygen to thrive and survive.

Studies showed that consuming blueberries were helpful in reducing risk factors for heart disease. This is thanks to the presence of anthocyanin, folate, fiber, potassium, vitamin B6 and C. Anthocyanin and fiber can decrease cholesterol, preventing artery clotting and improving blood fat.

On the other hand, folate and vitamin B6 can also prevent blood vessel damage by inhibiting homocysteine formation while potassium regulates the operation of heart muscles.

5. Slow Down Aging

Aging is part of daily life. We cannot reverse it, but can slow down it. As blueberries are rich in antioxidants, they could assist you in neutralizing free radicals which cause damage to your DNA.

Some studies have proven that blueberry juice could protect against oxidative DNA and DNA damage, which is a leading factor of cancer and aging.


6. Lower Blood Pressure

Blueberries are often used as a home remedy for people with high blood pressure. Keeping your sodium levels low is necessary in maintaining your blood pressure at a healthy level.

Fortunately, blueberries are free of sodium. This fruit has magnesium, calcium and potassium. Adequate intake of these minerals will help decrease blood pressure.


7. Maintain Healthy Skin

Blueberries possess arguably more antioxidants than green tea. They are packed with vitamin A, C and E. Consuming this tiny treat can brighten up your sun-damaged or dull skin and give you younger looking complexion.

Vitamin A can decrease wrinkles, eradicate dark spots. Vitamin C neutralizes the free radicals – a factor causing premature aging. Indulging yourself with blueberries also helps to control hormones, thereby fighting and preventing acne breakouts.


8. Prevent Cancer

Vitamin A and C, along with a variety of phytonutrients in blueberries play the role of antioxidants, which help to protect body cells against free radical damage. Many researchers suggested that antioxidants might inhibit the growth of tumor, reduce inflammation and ward off colon, prostate, pancreatic, pharynx, mouth, esophageal, and lung cancer.

Moreover, the folate found in blueberries helps with DNA synthesis and repair. As a result, it prevents cancer cell formation because of mutations in DNA.


9. Stimulate Hair Growth

The benefits of blueberries do not stop at supporting your health, but also your beauty. Aside from tasting great, blueberries can also boost your hair growth as they have proanthocyanidins. Found in many plants, this plant chemical is a class of polyphenols. It interacts with hair follicles to promote growth.

Besides, blueberries also have vitamins and antioxidants that are important for healthy hair growth. This fruit supports hair growth by boosting blood circulation and improving oxygenation in the scalp and body as well.


10. Improve Mental Health

In fact, high consumption of fresh fruits and veggies has been linked with better mood and less anxiety and depression as well. This benefit is thought to be partly due to phytonutrients, flavonoids found in those foods and blueberries have such powerful properties.

The flavonoid-rich blueberries have been proven to have positive effects on improving mental health within just 2 hours of consuming them. Furthermore, studies showed that blueberries also improve the short-term memory and motor coordination of the humans.


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Benefits of Blueberries for Health and Beauty

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