You need to work out in a proper way for a strong core. Crunches are surely the best way to get a strong core, but the good news is that you can skip crunches and still get a strong core. You just need to follow some exercises that can help you achieve that strength. You can also have the best bodybuilding supplements for positive results. Here are 10 exercises to do for a strong core.


  1. Jump Lunges

This may seem to be tough at first but you will get used to it if you practice this workout on a daily basis. Jump lunges will not only help to strengthen your muscles but it will also give you a strong core. You can start with this exercise slowly and then move to next level.


  1. One arm dumbbell

You just need to get to a comfortable position for this exercise. Do it on a bench or while standing, one arm dumbbell row will help to give you a strong core along with toned biceps. Do not miss this easy exercise if you want that perfect shape.


  1. Plank touch

Again a simple exercise that you can practice anywhere for strengthening your muscles and core. You can use your forearms or keep your arms straight. Either way, you will get great results with this simple exercise. This can also be your warm-up before you move to the next one.


  1. Single arm dumbbell bench

Working out on a bench can be strenuous. But, this exercise is great if you want to get that strong core. You just need to focus on your breathing technique and your movements. You can also strengthen your abs with this exercise; do include this one in your workout session.


  1. Push-ups

This exercise is surely going to increase your core strength. But, you need to go slow with push-ups. Start with a warm-up exercise and then move on to push-ups. Practice 10 pushups to start with, and then you can increase the number when you feel that you are comfortable.


  1. Mountain climb

Mountain climb exercise is a combination of cardio and strength that will help you with a strong core. You can start slowly with this exercise and increase the intensity once you feel comfortable.


  1. Dead-lift

Dead-lift is another exercise that can help you strengthen your muscles. Start with the practice without any weight and then practice it with weight. Once you feel comfortable, you can practice this in your daily workout. This exercise is easier than crunches.


  1. Commando

It is a combination of push-ups and planks and it can really help you with your core training. It may be difficult for you if you are not into heavy exercises, but you can start with it on a gradual basis. It is also good for your abs strength.


  1. Side Bends

Choose side bends for your daily workout for core strength. With or without weights, side bends will surely give you an extra edge over other core exercises that you practice during training or workouts.


  1. Goblet squats

Include this exercise in your daily strength training with or without dumbbells. Once you are comfortable, increase the intensity of the workout.


For a Strong Core

Do exercise and have the best bodybuilding supplements for a strong core.


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