While there are tons of books, videos, and professionals out there to help you through the process of pregnancy, nothing can truly prepare you for all aspects of it. We’re not just talking swollen feet and hunger cravings either. Here are three ways that pregnancy affects your body that you probably weren’t already aware of.

Gas and Constipation

Yes, it’s not a pretty situation but it happens to women. Pregnancy has your body producing tons of hormones that you’re not used to dealing with. Progesterone is one of these pregnancy hormones that can affect your digestion. It slows down the digestion of food through your intestinal tract. This can create unwanted constipation and gas. Your best defense against gas and constipation during pregnancy is a fiber-rich diet and lots of water.

The Dreaded Mask of Pregnancy

The mask of pregnancy is a name that has been given to the awful dark pigmentation outbreaks that happen while you’re pregnant. Pregnancy can do a number on your skin. Acne, stretch marks, dry skin patches, spider angiomas, and darkened skin patches. A visit to a medical spa can help with some of these outbreaks to keep you feeling beautiful throughout your pregnancy. However, some others are just a problem that you’re going to have to get used to dealing with. For example, spider angiomas happen when blood vessels in your body break due to high blood flow. Having high blood flow during pregnancy is completely normal and the reason why women tend to get that rosy look in their face.

Nasal Congestion

If morning sickness wasn’t bad enough, nasal congestion is another big issue that is not commonly heard about. You may notice that your head feels full and your nose feels stuffy. These are common side effects of extra estrogen production of the body. More specifically, the extra estrogen in your body causes the nasal passages to swell. This creates the congestion that you would commonly associate with the common cold. Realize that this can stick around for a while, just like morning sickness. Many who get morning sickness tend to have nasal congestion as a secondary symptom.

Being pregnant can be a dream come true. However, it does come along with a lot of unpleasant symptoms. Understanding what these symptoms are and why they happen can go a very long way to helping to ease your anxiety and stress throughout your entire nine months of pregnancy.

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