Herbal supplements offer health benefits for many conditions, including anxiety, stress overload and sleeplessness. In addition, many of these products can boost your body’s hormonal response and help balance the challenges of aging. Finally, the right herbal supplements can improve your sex life. Here are four ancient herbs and supplements that offer great health benefits from stress relief to muscle building and weight loss.


Ashwagandha root grows throughout India and northern Africa. This tuberous root is ground down to flour and packaged in pill form or can be sprinkled as a supplement on top of prepared food. Ashwagandha can aid help you to balance current hormone levels and may reduce cortisol levels, helping you to lose unwanted tummy weight. As high cortisol levels can lead to an increase in anxiety, getting those levels down can actually make you more productive and effective away from the gym. Male weight lifters hoping to build lean muscle have had success with ashwagandha testosterone supplementation. In addition to helping you fight stress, ashwagandha can help you sleep more deeply and get more healing rest.

Milk Thistle

Those with a family history of diabetes may want to consider milk thistle tea as a supplement habit. Silymarin, an active ingredient of milk thistle, can help you manage blood glucose levels and protect your liver. Milk thistle is also available in capsule supplement form. Milk thistle tea can help a sluggish digestive system. Be aware that you may experience some bathroom urgency after drinking milk thistle tea.


This much maligned weed is actually a powerful health booster. Teas and infusions made from dandelions have an alkalyzing effect on your body and blood. If you struggle with high blood pressure, water retention or can’t lose the weight around your middle, try adding a dandelion tea drink to your daily routine. Be aware that this will help you shed water by increased urination, so avoid it before bedtime.

Saw Palmetto

Long touted as a way to reduce the symptoms of menopause, saw palmetto is now recommended for men who suffer an enlarged prostate. Saw palmetto is especially helpful after prostate surgery. Over time, this herb can interfere with erections, so avoid adding it to your long-term supplement plan.

Using a healthy diet and well-researched supplements to build your current health and a strong future may take some experimentation. Not everyone has the same experience after taking a supplement. However, if you focus on using quality products and carefully review your personal response, you can build a regimen of great health from these ancient remedies.

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