Christmas is a wonderful holiday for connecting with family. However, it can be a difficult time for those who aren’t feeling their best. This is an opportunity to show your weary family members that you are thinking of them with compassion. Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that can bring healing to someone in need.

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

Himalayan salt candle holders are made from natural Himalayan rock salt. They are attractive and give off a subtle light that can change the ambiance of a room. As the candle fire warms the salt crystals it releases negative ions that purify the air.

These glowing candle holders are reported to enhance breathing, relieve stress, improve mood, and combat fatigue. Himalayan salt candle holders are especially useful when placed in a bedroom to promote restful sleep.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a thin cushioned floor mat that is commonly used to practices yoga and Pilates in comfort. Yoga is an especially healing practice that can be as gentle or strenuous as you choose. The mat rolls up easily to stow away.

A yoga mat can also be used as a meditation mat or a relaxing mat to lie on for those who are stiff or experience muscle or joint pain. Add a CD of soothing music to that gift for added benefit.

Handcrafted Jewelry

A very popular gift for those in need is handcrafted healing jewelry. There are options for beaded bracelets and necklaces made with beautiful gemstones, such as turquoise and onyx. These stones are thought to promote spiritual wellbeing and emotional support. Some of these are called worry beads or prayer beads. There is also beaded jewelry designed to diffuse healing essential oils for hours.

Essential Oil Kit

While on the subject of essential oils, consider ordering an essential oil kit and aromatherapy diffuser for your loved one. Essential oils have various properties that can be extremely beneficial. Many companies have blends for specific purposes, such as a blend for energy, vitality, better sleep, or relief of cold symptoms.

Essential oils smell great and can transform a room into a cozy and healing environment. It is recommended that you purchase oils from a reputable company that produces therapeutic or food grade oils from organic plants for best results.

Finding thoughtful Christmas gifts for family members in need of some TLC is not difficult. You only need to be compassionate and do a little research. All of the suggestions mentioned here are available online. A small gesture of a healing gift can help a family member feel loved and cared for.

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