Keeping your teeth healthy is a constant task. You need to maintain them with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing, and you want every advantage when it comes to optimizing your health. Fortunately, studies find that there are actually foods that you can enjoy to keep your teeth shiny and healthy.


Yogurt is one of the best foods that you can have for your teeth. It is very high in protein and calcium, making it an excellent option if you want to enjoy an overall boost to your teeth and bones. The probiotics that are found in yogurt are also highly beneficial to your body. Not only do they help you regulate your intestinal health, they can also benefit your gums by forcing out the bacteria that is known for causing cavities.


Similar to yogurt, cheese is an incredible option for maintaining your overall dental health. Recent studies found that eating cheese can help raise the pH level in the individual’s mouth. This lowers their risk of developing tooth decay. It was also found that chewing cheese increased saliva in the mouth, which fends off bad bacteria around the gums. The calcium and protein content helps strengthen tooth enamel and prevent all types of dental damage.


Even though most dentists will recommend staying away from sweet foods, fruits like apples can be perfect for your dental health. Apples are especially high in fiber and water, and the act of eating the apple itself produces saliva in the mouth. This rinses away food particles and bacteria. The texture of the apple also helps stimulate your gums, which strengthens them and prevents them from receding and exposing the enamel.


Much like apples, carrots are an excellent choice for your teeth because they are crunchy and have plenty of fiber. Even just a handful of raw carrots after a meal can help increase the saliva in your mouth. This helps greatly reduce your risk of developing cavities, and the high fiber content helps scrape away food debris on the teeth. Both whole and baby carrots can be excellent options to enjoy.

Though these foods can help give you an advantage in overall dental and physical health, it is vital to keep up with a dental care routine that works for you. Have a designated emergency dentist, be sure to brush your teeth at least once a day, and talk to your dental hygienist to see if there are additional steps you need to take for your oral health.

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