Whether you need a gift for this holiday season or a special event like a birthday or graduation, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re not limited to products stamped with the words “all-natural.” A person who loves natural health and wellness uses a combination of medically-approved and natural products and therapies to improve and maintain their physical and mental health. They also do everything they can to reduce their exposure to toxins from modern pollutants and create a simpler or less stressful life. Most natural health and wellness lovers are happy to receive one or more gifts from the following four top categories:

Kitchen Items

People who focus on natural solutions often make their meals from scratch using minimally-processed and fresh ingredients. For this reason, you can’t go wrong with a bread or pasta maker, tabletop convection oven, juicer, blender, vegetable shredder and slicer or even a grain mill. A cookbook filled with natural, health-conscious recipes is another option. To help a person who wants to reduce their fat intake, consider an oil mister, air fryer and/or organic cooking oils and seasonings. Other great kitchen gifts include natural dish washing and cleaning supplies, handmade natural soaps and bamboo hand towels.

Garden Supplies

Gardening can reduce stress, which helps protect a person’s immune system and mental well-being. Fruit, vegetable and herb gardens also help a person take more control over the quality of the foods that they eat. Consider gifting gardening supplies like pots, seeds or seedlings, gloves, plant guides, a compost bin or even earthworms and bags of soil. If your gift recipient lives in a drought-hit region or lacks time to regularly water and upkeep plants, pick succulents that don’t require a lot of watering or management to thrive. If they have a fondness for small, indoor plants, consider giving them bonsai supplies.

Exercise Gear

Many people who seek a naturally healthy lifestyle invest in a daily exercise routine. Consider indoor and outdoor exercise products that promote health and wellness. For example, you might gift them with a fitness monitoring band, yoga mat and exercise ball or meditation music. If you’re buying more extensive gym equipment, pick as many green options as possible, such as all-metal or wood weights and benches. If they love camping or hiking, consider metal water bottles and straws, a two-way radio that receives weather alerts, hiking boots, a mountain bike or rock-climbing supplies.

Mood Products

If you still can’t decide on the perfect gift, consider natural products designed to focus on the improvement of a person’s mental health and well-being. For example, a tea enthusiast might appreciate a basket filled with a mix of organic teas and all natural cookies and other baked goods. Someone who wants to live as naturally as possible and deals with chronic aches and pains or severe stress or anxiety might appreciate hemp cbd products, such as creams, drop tinctures and gummies. Also, you might consider giving natural essential oils that both enhance mood and work perfectly as commercial air freshener alternatives.

Of course, many people appreciate gift cards as well. For example, you might give a gift card to a health and wellness store, spa or retreat. With whatever gift choice you make, always focus on products that were manufactured or sourced in an ethical fashion and/or contain mostly natural materials that don’t leach toxic chemicals into the body or damage the environment. Even if the gift isn’t big or extravagant, a natural health and wellness lover will appreciate this type of gesture since it shows that you respect their lifestyle choices.

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