The food you consume will always be reflected on your body. We all know that, but little do we realize sometimes that this doesn’t refer strictly to exterior appearance. What you eat in a day also affects you on the inside, which can be either a good or a bad thing. It all depends on how you choose to live.

It’s no secret that the simplest natural ingredients possess the most amazing benefits for our well-being. This is the philosophy behind a clean, healthy eating-based lifestyle. And the most amazing aspect is that you don’t even need to go out of your way to purchase fancy fruits and veggies; some of the best organic medicines are something you can grow in your herb garden.

The Benefits

One of the best such ingredients certainly has to be parsley. This little ordinary plant that everyone knows about has amazing curative powers which you might not be aware of yet. Although we are used to adding it to anything, from main courses and sides to soups and salads, we are rarely aware of how much good it does for us. But that will now change. Here are four of the amazing benefits it has on your health if consumed regularly.

1.      Promotes Kidney Health

Thanks to its antioxidant and diuretic properties, parsley helps cleanse the body by flushing out toxins. Thus, not only is this nifty little herb one of the most efficient kidney infection home remedies, but it is also known to help dissolve kidney stones. A clinical trial conducted on animals published in the Urology Journal has shown that consuming the plant’s leaves reduces calcium oxalate deposits.

To achieve the full benefits, boil a few leaves thoroughly. Strain the resulting drink and let it cool for a while, then consume it. A couple of glasses a day should help the treatment of whatever renal issues you are encountering. However, make sure to check in with your doctor as well. Mother Nature can only help us so much.

2.      Fights Anemia

Suffering from anemia lowers the quality of your life. You are constantly tired and weakened, which drains you tremendously in the long run. The underlying cause of the condition is a severe iron deficit. Thus, in order to cure the condition, you will need to replenish your reserves of this vital mineral.

By adding just two tablespoons of the herb to your daily salad, soup or any other dish of your choice, you are supplying your body with two percent of its daily iron requirement. And if you’re a fan of its flavor, you can even add more for an increased dose. Due to this, parsley is recommended to patients suffering from anemia.

3.      Prevents Diabetes

Another one of the many health benefits of this plant is diabetes prevention, and sometimes even treatment. According to recent research published in the Journal of Nutrition, ingesting an organic nutrient known as myricetin lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 26 percent. And guess which versatile condiment is a great source of it? Well, parsley of course.

The herb has 8 milligrams of myricetin per 100 grams of product, which is more than enough to safeguard your well-being through the years if consumed often. Furthermore, an even newer study has linked flavonol, another substance which occurs naturally in parsley, with a reduced incidence of type 2 diabetes.

4.      Reduces Cancer Risk

A recent study conducted at the University of Missouri has shown that apigenin, a compound found in both parsley and celery, inhibits breast cancer cells. Using it, researchers have managed to shrink a tumor. Furthermore, its high antioxidant contents help fight free radical damage, which is an underlying cause of the illness.

While consuming it might not do a whole lot of good to someone who is already battling the condition in its terminal stages, eating it regularly reduces the overall risk of developing cancer. In life, it’s better to prevent most illnesses than go through the sometimes devastating process of fighting them at their worst.

Conclusion: Health Benefits of Parsley

There are a lot more health benefits to this miraculous natural medicine. Parsley alleviates joint pain, encourages digestions, relaxes stiff muscles, and it even cures bad breath. This is why consuming it as often as possible is necessary for a sustainable lifestyle. And the beauty of this small ingredient is that you can either make it into a cleansing tea or add it directly to your dishes.

Having clean and functional kidneys and getting rid of anemia has never been easier. On top of that, even serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes and even cancer can be prevented by this simple addition to your diet. There are many tasty ways to incorporate it as a condiment or even the centerpiece of a delicious, Orientally-inspired salad. All you have to do is give it a chance.



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