Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues in the United States. It is normal to have some anxiety. For example, you may get anxious before a date or a test. However, if a person has an anxiety disorder, then they may feel anxious all of the time. The good news is that you can manage anxiety naturally.


Exercise is a great way to ward off those anxious feelings. There was a study done in 2015 that showed that exercise can be an effective way to manage anxiety. Exercise helps the body produce more of its natural painkillers, which are endorphins. This helps reduce stress and anxiety.

This doesn’t mean that anxiety will magically go away or that you’re not doing enough if you exercise and are still anxious. Many people are anxious about things that are out of their control. There are so many variables and triggers.  However, being able to control your time and control your body can release some anxious thoughts when there are so many other things out of your hands.

Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is found in cannabis. It has been shown to be effective for treating a variety of conditions including anxiety. Experts are not sure how CBD products treat anxiety. However, they do believe that CBD oil can boost serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter can help control mood.

There have also been a few studies done to show that CBD oil can help treat anxiety. One of the studies involved people who suffered from social anxiety. The study had 24 people who had social anxiety. They either received 600 mg of CBD oil or a placebo 1.5 hours before a performance.

All of the subjects who received a placebo performed the same. However, the subjects who received the CBD were less anxious. They also experienced less discomfort while they were giving the speech.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

If you are having trouble keeping your anxiety under control, then it is a good idea to talk to your therapist about how you are feeling. Cognitive-behavior therapy helps you understand your thoughts. If you can understand and control your thoughts, then it will be easier for you to control the way that you feel.

There are many stigmas that come with going to therapy. Often people feel that going to therapy is for people who are broken, crazy, or too lazy to fix themselves. That is not true. We don’t give people the same stigma for seeing a medical doctor to handle physical health. We should not

Detox from the Electronics

Some studies suggest that spending too much time on the internet can increase feelings of anxiety. That is why it is a good idea to detox from the electronics. Limiting your cell phone and computer use will not only make you less anxious, but you will also be more productive.

Anxiety is not something that has to ruin your life. You can control your anxiety by exercising on a regular basis. You can also use CBD oil and get cognitive behavioral therapy. Additionally, it is a good idea to detox from the electronics.

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