Osteoporosis pain can be quite overwhelming and make it difficult to do the normal tasks that you’re used to. Fortunately, medications are not your only option. Here are four natural ways that you can help to get relief from your osteoporosis pain.


Acupuncture is a very popular alternative treatment to help alleviate pain throughout the body. Similar to acupressure, acupuncture uses a variety of small needles that get inserted into meridians throughout the body. This works to alleviate tension that is causing pain in the body.

Heat and Ice

Easing pain can be as easy as icing or heating up the area. However, you must make sure that you choose the right course of treatment as applying the opposite can make your pain even worse. If you’re dealing with pain from stiff muscles, it’s best to apply some form of heat. Warm showers and hot packs are both great osteoporosis treatments. If you have an aching area, then you should opt for numbing the area with ice as this will decrease the amount of swelling in the area.

Compression and Braces

Depending on where you’re feeling the pain, using a form of compression or a brace can help. There are numerous areas of the body that can allow for compression to be applied such as the feet, arms, or torso to release swelling. There are compression socks, sleeves, and abdominal bands. When it comes to areas like your back, you may want to use a brace that provides more support for the area.

Physical Therapy

When you’re in pain, you may think that not being active is the key to healing. This isn’t always the case. Rather, not moving very much can make the pain feel worse over time. With the help of a skilled physical therapist, you can get a safe exercise program tailored to your needs. This will ensure that blood makes is through the body naturally and that your pain begins to fade away.

Dealing with osteoporosis pain can seem endless if you don’t have the right options in front of you. If you’re tired of relying on medication to treat your issues, you can always opt for alternative treatments for the pain. The above are four great natural ways to alleviate pain caused by osteoporosis. We suggest you start giving a least a couple of them a try to see what works best for your osteoporosis pain.

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