One debilitating ailment many people are afflicted with is peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves located outside the spinal cord and brain. It can result in symptoms like weakness, numbness, decreased motor function and intense pain in a person’s lower extremities. In severe cases, it can even cause paralysis.

If you have peripheral neuropathy, you probably suffer from a lot of pain. Thankfully, there are strategies for treating that pain. Doing so can increase your ability to live a full life with this disease.

The Causes

To understand how to treat peripheral neuropathy, you must first understand what causes it. This disease is caused by nerve damage done to peripheral nerves located outside of the spinal cord and brain. Injuries to the peripheral nervous system can come from a lot of sources. Common causes include diabetes, exposure to toxins, infectious diseases, metabolic issues and traumatic injuries resulting from things like a car crash. If your pain stems from a car crash you should make sure to contact an auto accident attorney to help pay for your long recovery.

Use a Pain Reliever

One of the most common ways to treat the pain emanating from peripheral neuropathy is to use pain relieving drugs. In certain cases, over the counter drugs such as anti-inflammatory drugs may be able to treat more mild symptoms. If your symptoms are more severe, your doctor may prescribe a painkiller to you.

Use a Topical Treatment

You may also use a topical treatment to help control the pain caused by peripheral neuropathy. This may include a cream that contains capsaicin, a substance found in spicy peppers. Applying it to the affected area can dull the pain that some patients experience. Patches containing lidocaine, a medication that numbs pain, are another common topical treatment used by patients. Frankincense and Lavander oil are both use an anti-inflammatory agents that may frankinhelp you deal with pain management.

Use an Antidepressant

In certain cases, antidepressants may be able to relieve the pain experienced by patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy. This is due to the fact that antidepressants can restrict sensations of pain by altering chemical processes in the brain and spinal cord. Discuss with your doctor whether such a treatment option is appropriate for you.

Receive Therapy

Different therapies may also be successful in helping patients deal with pain from peripheral neuropathy. This can include therapy performed by using electrodes to stimulate the nerves under the skin with a low current of electricity. Plasma exchange, in which a person’s blood is replaced, may also be a successful therapy in certain cases. Physical therapy can be used to help a patient learn how to move and walk better with the condition.

Peripheral neuropathy can be a heavy burden to live with. It can cause debilitating pain and even impair your ability to move around freely. If you suffer from this disease, discuss treatment options with your doctor. Some of these treatments may help you deal with the pain and get your life back.

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