When you picture a dentist, most tend to think about getting a tooth pulled. It’s a common scene that you’ll find in many horror movies. However, getting your tooth pulled isn’t anything out of the ordinary. If you have an aching tooth, here are four signs that will signal that it’s time to get your tooth pulled by a qualified dental professional to solve the pain.

Pulp Infection

At the center of each tooth, there is a connective tissue called pulp. When this pulp gets infected with bacteria, it can wreak havoc on your teeth. It will cause the host tooth to decay and can actually spread to other teeth in your mouth. For this reason, when the pulp is severely infected, your dentist may just recommend pulling the tooth to avoid further infection with your other teeth.

You Have Damaged Teeth

If your tooth is damaged with cracks or significant decay, it’s likely going to need to be pulled. While small damages can be fixed, such as a very small cavity, larger ones cannot. Your dental professional will likely recommend pulling the damaged tooth and replacing it with implants. These are false teeth that look real and fill the voided area in your mouth.

Impacted Teeth

When you have teeth that have shifted in the wrong direction, they can overcrowd other teeth in your mouth. In order to allow your teeth to comfortably fit in your mouth, they may want to remove your teeth. This will give your remaining teeth more space to grow and develop. In this case, your tooth extraction may need to be followed up with braces to help straighten your remaining teeth.

Other Treatments Don’t Eliminate the Pain

If you’ve undergone a filling or a root canal and pain still exists in the tooth, then it’s time to think about extracting it. By extracting the tooth, any underlying disease can be eliminated and allow for the healing of your gums. Tooth extraction is usually considered as a last resort after other treatment options have failed to reduce the pain that you feel.

When you have an achy tooth, it’s time to head to your local dentist. There are a number of reasons that can cause your tooth pain, however, some of them do require tooth extraction. If you’re experiencing any of the signs above, it’s very likely that your dental professional will recommend having your tooth extracted in order to remedy the issue.

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