Many people involved in minor car accidents don’t seek medical treatment after the crash. However, weeks after the accident, aches and pains from the crash may make it difficult to work and spend time with family. Unfortunately, these subtle injuries could lead to serious conditions later on in life. Getting these four injuries examined after an accident can help prevent painful problems in the future.


Car accidents from behind often cause the neck to forcefully go forward before slamming back again. This is commonly known as whiplash. Many people are sore after whiplash but don’t think that anything serious has occurred. However, when whiplash occurs, it can damage the muscles and tendons in the neck. This can cause a limited range of motion and put too much pressure on the neck, shoulders, spine, and head. Left untreated, degenerative disc disease could develop.

Traumatic Brain Injury

It’s common for a driver or passenger to hit their head on the dash, window or against the back of the seat during an accident. Any force that penetrates the skull or causes a skull fracture can cause a traumatic brain injury. The risk of a traumatic brain injury is significantly increased if unconsciousness occurs. A mild traumatic brain injury could result in a concussion while a serious injury to the brain could result in loss of verbal skills or movement. Many people don’t seek help for brain injuries immediately after a crash. This could be a serious mistake if a fracture or bleeding in the brain is present. Getting car accident treatment after any head injury is essential.

Herniated Disc

The spine is responsible for holding up the body, housing the spinal cord, and allowing nerves to work properly. The discs in the spine absorb much of the shock from day-to-day movements. When an injury occurs, these discs can slip or become herniated. This can result even from a very minor injury or car accident. A herniated disc can become a permanent injury over time. It can cause problems in movement and severe pain.

Shoulder Injury

Soft tissue damage is one of the most common injuries in car accidents. Though soft tissue damage is more common than broken bones, it often isn’t diagnosed because it is so subtle. Shoulder injuries, which include rotator cuff tears, are among the most common. Having an injured rotator cuff can affect an individual’s ability to work or even do daily tasks that include lifting heavy objects or raising your arms.

You might feel like you got away unscathed from your car accident. However, most professionals will recommend that you get checked over for any necessary car accident treatment. If you really have no serious injuries, getting a checkup certainly won’t hurt and will help assuage any worries you or your family might have. However, if a small injury got missed directly after the accident, your doctor can get it fixed up before it becomes a problem.

Don’t brush off an injury from a car accident thinking that it will go away. Seeking medical assistance and treating these injuries is the best way to prevent problems that could severely limit movement one day.

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