Someone may have told you that most people get adequate nutrition without supplements. In reality, only 10 percent of adults meet recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake. Good nutrition is even more important for women because of all the changes their bodies endure throughout life. Many vitamins and minerals also give you energy and boost your mood. If you feel like your diet is lacking, consider these four supplements for women that can make you healthier and happier.

B Complex

B vitamins are some of the hardest working nutrients in your body. They’re also water-soluble, which means they have to be replenished every day because your body can’t store them. Smoking, stress, illness, certain medications and vegan diets can all increase the need for B vitamins. A B-complex supplement provides all the essential B vitamins in the proper ratio. Consider using the liquid form for better absorbability, and try taking it in the morning for a non-caffeinated pick-me-up.

Hair Vitamins

For many women, a full head of hair is a source of confidence. In contrast, thinning or damaged hair can shatter their self-esteem. With powerful ingredients like biotin, vitamin D and herbal extracts, women’s supplements for hair loss can be very effective. For example, Phyllotex can turn your stringy strands into luscious locks. Even if your hair seems fine now, taking hair vitamin supplements for women can make it grow faster and stay healthy longer.


From yeast overgrowth to urinary tract infections, probiotics can help prevent many of the problems that disproportionately plague women. Probiotics are the good bacteria that fight off bad bacteria and maintain your body’s healthy balance. These helpful microscopic organisms are found naturally in fermented foods like yogurt and kimchi, but you can also take them in a convenient capsule form.

Folic Acid

Most doctors recommend a folic acid supplement for women of childbearing age because this vitamin is essential for preventing neural tube birth defects. If you wait until you’re pregnant to begin supplementing, it may be too late. Folic acid also has other health benefits like reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke, building muscles and supporting red blood cell formation, so adding this supplement to your routine is an easy decision.

Remember, many supplements can interact with other medications or worsen medical conditions, so always schedule a consultation with your doctor before beginning any new vitamin or supplement. Women in particular should be aware that some supplements can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. You can also ask a pharmacist if you’re unsure about medication interactions.

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