Healthy eating should be a natural part of life. It can help to promote a healthier lifestyle and generally improve your overall wellbeing. In particular, it can be extremely important when you’re heading into any form of surgery. 

A surgical procedure can be an extremely tiring and overwhelming experience. Providing your body with the right nutrients and minerals can help to make the experience a little less strenuous for you. Particular foods can boost your immune system and aid your surgical recovery to help you get back to how you were.

Here are some foods that you should consider eating to help manage your diet before heading into the surgery room.

Fruit and vegetables

If there’s one way to load your body with useful vitamins and minerals, stocking up on foods and vegetables are essential. These types of food are easily digestible for the body, which can help to maintain your weight after the surgery where you may find it difficult to consume larger amounts of food. Crucially, fruits and vegetables contain large amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin helps to produce collagen, which is beneficial in promoting healing and increasing energy levels.

Slow Carbs

Carbohydrates such as rice and pasta are another form of food that promote digestion. During surgery, your body is likely to be suspended and numb whilst the procedure is taking place. This can promote constipation for your system. As you’ll be relatively inactive shortly after surgery, when consuming fast carbohydrates, whilst they can be well absorbed by the body the process can slow down due to lack of exercise. Slow carbohydrates can prevent this.


Any heavy protein foods such as chicken, turkey, seafood, eggs and red meat are perfect for recovery. During the body’s inactive state shortly after surgery, they’ll need plenty of time to recover. Eating proteins helps to repair broken muscle that may have been torn during surgery. You’ll be unlikely to lift any heavy weights or participate in any strenuous activity. In which case, use your diet to help you recover instead.

Unsaturated Fats

Unsaturated fat can be helpful for general bodily functions. They can help to reduce high levels of cholesterol. This will be important as you’d want to promote blood flow as much as possible shortly after surgery. Foods such as avocado, olive oil, oily fish and nuts are just some examples of unsaturated fats. However, be sure to eat these foods in suitable portions as weight is also a factor when going through surgery. 


Although it could be argued that water isn’t technically a food, it’s extremely important that hydration is highlighted. Considering water makes up 60% of the body, the last thing you need is for it to escape through surgery. Keeping hydrated will convert nutrients to help flush out post-op medication that would have normally been processed through the liver.

Following a well structured and healthy diet before your surgery is crucial for smoothing the recovery process. Whether it’s going through a breast enlargement Manchester-based surgery or orthopaedic surgeries, eating the correct foods can be ideal in getting you back on your feet. For further details, ask your healthcare specialist for further information.

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