Having a chronic illness is more than a health concern, seeing as how the majority of them don’t necessarily make you qualify for being a person with a disability. While chances are that you can’t retire off your chronic illness, working in these conditions will become much harder and more challenging. Still, with a couple of tips, you can make this whole situation more bearable. Here are five suggestions on your course of action in this situation.

Understand your condition

Understand your condition

The first thing you need to do is understand your condition, which is why you need to talk to a medical expert and ask for their opinion. You need to have them evaluate your condition and then, you need to ask them for an honest opinion on whether you can work with this condition, to begin with. If the answer is yes, you should probably ask them for tips. If there’s a pattern of behavior, safety practice, or a diet that can make it easier for you to endure this condition and keep working, you need to know about it. You also need to ask them about the negative effects that could occur if you keep working. This brings us to our next point…

Put your health first

Sometimes, the work that you’re doing takes a toll on you both physically and mentally. However, there are some scenarios that are especially hazardous. For instance, imagine having a breathing problem and having to work in an industry where fumes are a part of the job or where you have to wear a breathing mask throughout the day. Now imagine having an issue with your back and having to work physically (for instance, being a construction worker). What you need to understand is that sometimes, just by working, you’re making your health situation far worse than it has to be.

Consider claiming your superannuation

Consider claiming your superannuation

While people find boredom to be the biggest adversary when it comes to the concept of not working, the truth is that, in the vast majority of cases, it’s the income that’s a far bigger concern. This makes some people drive themselves to work even if they’re definitely not in a position to do so. In this scenario, they stand to make things even worse, which might result in a worsening of their condition and numerous other issues for both their physical and mental state. Sometimes, it’s for the best to just make a decision to claim your superannuation. For this, you’ll need some help from veteran superannuation lawyers. Unnecessarily tormenting yourself is never a wise choice.

Talk to your employer

Previously, we’ve described some scenarios in which you would be physically unable/inconvenienced to do the work that you’ve previously been doing for obvious reasons. However, does this mean that you have to quit your job? Well, not necessarily. For instance, in a scenario with the above-listed back pain, you might be moved to a position without much heavy lifting. Still, in order to get such a thing done, you need to first talk to your employer.

Know your rights

Even though you may be in a position to ask for a favor, the truth is that you don’t necessarily depend on the will of your employer. As a person with a chronic illness, especially one whose condition’s gotten worse due to the work within the injury, you have a certain set of rights that everyone has to honor. Talking to your lawyer is one idea, but the place where you should start is definitely your HR.

Know your rights

The very last thing you need to take into consideration is the fact that working with a chronic illness isn’t going to be easy. This is inconvenience even for those who are sitting back home, let alone those who have to focus or be productive under such circumstances. Just keep in mind that you have many options and that you should definitely use them to your benefit.

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