5 Top Health Tips for an Average Cycler

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Although most of us might not want to accept it, many outdoor activities present a set of dangers and biking is no exception. With this in mind, we all need to ensure that we are practicing adequate safety precautions while cycling. We have outlined several measures that you need to take to ensure that you are keeping safe during cycling.

Plan ahead of the weather

The weather might be harsh out there, especially during the summer. The temperatures might get hot for you out there, and therefore you have to plan accordingly. It would be wise if you cycled early mornings before the afternoon heat rolls in and in the evening after the temperatures have cooled off. If you adopt this routine, it will enable you to cycle when the weather is quite good, and the temperatures are within the normal range; hence you will not be extremely fatigued. In colder temperatures, be sure to keep warm while on the road to avoid catching a cold or worse, pneumonia. You have to ensure that you have the right clothing to keep you warm and safe from the cold weather. Cycling without warm clothes might make you get lung infections because bacteria that cause the infections thrive in severe conditions. Be sure to check the weather when you’re biking and plan accordingly for a good cycling experience. 

Carry a First Aid Kit 

Cycling, just like many activities, could subject you to many unforeseen injuries. It is advisable to take a first aid kit alongside your bike accessories whenever you are going out cycling so that when you suffer a minor injury, you might be able to fix it yourself and avoid infections. Some of the highly recommended things to include in your first aid kit are the gauze, alcohol, and bandages so that when you suffer a few bumps or bruises, you will be able to treat them by yourself or by the help of another person. Moreover, it is highly advisable to use chamois butter when cycling. It is good because it helps prevent saddle sores and it ensures your nether regions are lubed up nicely.

Drink enough water

Appropriate water intake is essential to the proper functioning of the human body, and we require quite a significant amount of it daily when exercising. Cycling makes you sweat and lose water from your body through the process. If you don’t drink enough water and you go cycling, you might sweat a lot and end up being dehydrated. To prevent dehydration, you need to drink lots of water and bring enough water with you that will last you through the whole journey. As a cycler, you need to drink water before you are thirsty and drink it like it is going out of fashion. It is also advisable for you to carry a hydration pack to help you stay hydrated when cycling.

Consume Healthy Calories

If you are an average cycler, you are burning over 2000 calories everyday while on the road so you might develop a huge appetite and you may want to eat anything you see on sight. Carry on; you deserve it! But try to limit your indulgencies because some foods you might end up overeating will not give your body the healthy fuel it needs. You should normalize eating foods that are rich in fiber. Eat lots of grains, pasta and any other meals that you know contain high levels of fiber. Also, do not forget fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you wish to become a healthy cycler, you should develop a routine of eating a balanced diet rich in fiber.

Prepare for the Location

It would help if you prepared in advance about where you are going to cycle. For instance, if you are going to ride above 7000 ft, you need to prepare for altitude sickness. You could experience nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, and migraines which are all common and not likely to be severe. However, it would help if you prepared adequately. Therefore, you need to do some research about the location you are going to cycle and take adequate precautions

Cycling is an excellent adventure and is highly recommended by doctors as an exercise that could profoundly improve your health. Be sure to follow our tips on how to keep healthy while cycling to ensure you have a safe ride.

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