If you are not already someone who has a large collection of essential oils, you might be wondering on which ones to invest. Essential oils are expensive for a reason. It takes a lot of plant material to extract a little bit of essential oil. This is what makes it effective too. The high concentration of a certain plant is bound to go a long way in the various uses that essential oils serve. If you are turning to services of small business bookkeeping to spread out your budget or are just wondering what essential oil will be most useful for various purposes, here are the five most versatile essential oils.

5 Versatile Essential Oils

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is one that is very popular in treating various cases where its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties can be put to use. The oil is used externally because it is very strong and kills all kinds of bacteria wherever it is put. It is good for all sorts of skin problems including acne and fungal problems like dandruff or Demodex infestations. Besides its antiseptic properties, the oil can also regenerate and restore the skin.


Lavender is an all-purpose oil that is used for its antiseptic properties to heal cut skin, prevent infections, reduce pain, and aid in the healing process. The lavender essential oil is also used for relieving respiratory problems and congestion to ease breathing and open up the airways in the body. Those who want to use it in aromatherapy are pleasantly surprised by its mood-enhancing properties and power to relieve the mind of stress and anxiety. A popular aroma for baby products, lavender is also a very sedative scent that aids in good-nights-sleep and relaxation.


Peppermint is that great scent and refreshing taste that is used often in toothpaste and mouthwashes. The essential oil can be used internally to improve digestion and alleviate any burning or acidic feeling in the digestive tract. The essential oil in moderate quantities is very safe and can be used even by children. The oil improves digestion, relieves stomach spasms, and promotes the flow of bile. People who suffer from allergies can also benefit from peppermint essential oil. The cooling effect of the peppermint can relieve a headache, head congestion, flu symptoms, or just refresh you when you are feeling stressed out and sluggish.


Thyme is the legendary herb most commonly known for its antimicrobial properties and relief from the flu and respiratory problems. Just a few drops of the oil can benefit stomach infections and the condition of the whole digestive system. The oil is a great way to treat food poisoning as well. The respiratory benefits of thyme can be utilized by applying thyme oil directly on the chest. The organs and glands in the neck can also be treated with thyme oil. This is done by gargling  it or applying it on the neck area. The pleasant and potent smell of the oil is also great when used for uplifting your mood or just enjoying its flowery scent.


Chamomile is a very gentle essential oil that has the power to soothe the nervous system when anxiety is in its power. The mild properties of the essential oil make it popular for use by children. When it is diluted, the oil can be used to treat rashes for babies including diaper rash. Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis can be relieved by the topical application of the diluted chamomile oil. It posses analgesic properties that help with sprains and pain of different etymologies.

Using the Oils

Essential oils are the most potent part of the plant. It is important to remember that they are too strong to be used directly. Sensitive skin can be especially irritated by undiluted essential oils. It is important to dilute the oils when using them. Using a carrier oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, or jojoba oil will do the trick.

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