Top Tips for science laboratory efficiency: 

Three important components raise the level of efficiency in the science laboratory. Firstly, the people working in the lab, secondly, the processes they follow in the lab and thirdly, what equipment they have and how to use it? 

Let’s elaborate on these three components: 

1. People 

• Hire the right people: any laboratory of the lab’s matters efficient science laboratory than its people. Every lab teams require strong leadership and continuous education with training and motivation includes clear achievable goals.

• Culture of innovation: never feel hesitant and embrace while asking why am I doing it this way? Is there any other way to apply the proper method in the new protocol?  Everyone has free-reign; regular method review should be a well-planned exercise to avoid risks and distractions from the task at hand. 

2. Processes 

• Lean the bench space: Being lean doesn’t incorporate anything complex. This method ensures your lab mates can be efficient and possible too. 

• share the responsibilities: some people are calculated for specific areas of the lab in terms of cleanliness in an efficient way

• begin with the intended upshot: efficiency increases the output obligations of the lab plus the manner approach and method development. 

• make inventory levels invisible: instead of filling available storage space with boxes so that it is clear when stocks are running low. 

3. Equipment 

• advance types of equipment: it’s easy to have an equipment calendar for everyone what they want when they need it. There are a lot of free shared calendars that can be used by anyone and slows them to plan in the lab for the experiments. 

•maintain your equipment: without regular maintenance, the equipment starts less operates efficiently and effectively. 

• Look for new products that can increase your throughput: 

There are numerous new laboratory products present every year and it helps you in seeking the methods to raise samples of your output and also make protocols more efficient.

Keeps a vigil over a new generation of programmable lab equipment such as the Vital Co-Mix, which permits you to set a protocol and leave the unit running for hours or even days without the need for any supervision.

Stop supposing that all the big players have the answers to all questions. If you have better answers or solutions for the improvement of the product in the world and give you benefit then the small manufacturers well able to modify their equipment to better suit you. 

• Long term investment: 

Science lab equipment should be seen as an investment. If you are getting something that you are going to use all day or a little more on something will be better in long term than opting for the cheap and cheerful choice which needs replacement and repairs every few months. 

Work smarter, not harder:  The sayings of “work smarter, not harder ” is applied over all the scientific laboratories as they are working on clinical drugs, molecular biology, R and D and many other types of research. It’s only noticed is to achieve the best possible results with the least possible output.

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