For the past several years, smart devices such as phones, watches, and fitness bands have become central to understanding and managing health better. The same goes for the apps that run on these devices. These 7 new apps to help make healthy lifestyle changes are designed to help maintain and improve your health and general well being:


Part social network and part guide, Yonder is a free app designed to promote travel and getting outdoors in general. It has different categories such as swimming, backpacking, and biking. It provides trips for users to take based on their location. Plus they can share their experiences and photos of their own excursions.



Aaptiv (iOS and Android; $9.99/month)

Committing to a fitness regime is easy. But actually following through on it is hard. Aaptiv bridges the gap between commitment and activity by putting workout videos and ideas in one centralized location. It even audios audio fitness training to take to the treadmill or on the trail with motivation from trainers as well as perfectly paired music


Headspace is an app designed to help people regain their focus and get rid of the noise that pervades daily life. It introduces the practice of meditation and other mindfulness exercises. Headspace is designed to be set for an individual user’s preference. Take advantage of its guidance on breathing and visualization



The popular music streaming app Spotify has its own health benefit to it. It has a custom running playlist. Each playlist in the app is designed to match a certain running tempo. Just go to playlists, select running, and the type of playlist needed. Once the playlist starts, it automatically starts to calculate the tempo and integrates with the app Runkeeper to track a run


Fitstar Personal Trainer

The personal trainer meets smartphone by offering on-demand workouts using the Fitstar Personal Trainer. Start with a fitness test to assess the right workout level, just like with a real personal trainer. The app asks questions to personalize workouts. Workout videos and audio are also available in the app



Exercise and physical activity pair with a healthy diet to promote true health. Fooducate helps people find healthy food by scanning the barcodes of food in the store. The app reads the barcode and tells the user all of the ingredients in a food that might otherwise be missed. It provides alternatives to the food in question, alerts for allergens, and allows food names to be entered in the absence of a barcode


One of the worst things about being on a diet or trying to eat healthily is eating out. HealthyOut makes eating out a positive experience by helping people figure out where to eat locally as well as what to have on the menu. It even breaks down dishes according to diets like Paleo, Atkins, and others. Healthyout also suggests ways to modify an order to improve it.

Making a commitment to being healthy is not always easy. But thanks to advances in technology, there are many resources out there to help and they’re only a tap away. Whether it’s healthy eating, a workout, a run, or just some relaxation a person needs to help improve their lifestyle, there’s an app for that!


Summary: 7 New Apps To Help Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes





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New Apps To Help Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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