Since the kidneys are an essential part of your body and play a big role in the functioning of your body, you should monitor the health of this paired organ. 

One of the first steps in identifying kidney issues is to monitor their functionality by performing regular blood tests. If your kidneys function properly, knowing the symptoms of kidney disease can also help you detect the disease as early as possible. Let’s look at 10 warning signs of kidney disease that you should never ignore:

1. Frequent urination 

Frequent urination is a common sign of kidney disease that you should be aware of. Many people, especially women, experience frequent urination. Frequent urination occurs because poorly functioning kidneys are unable to eliminate wastes as quickly as they need to. 

2. Toxic waste build-up 

Another sign of chronic kidney disease is blood cells known as “toxic waste” building up in the kidneys. This waste protein can build up to five times faster than it’s excreted from the body. Waste protein can provoke damage to the kidneys, as well as damage to other organs and systems of the body. 

One of the most common signs of kidney damage caused by toxic waste is a high risk of kidney stones. People with healthy kidneys have normal levels of neoprene. Neoprene is an element that neutralizes excess elements in the urine. People with poorly functioning kidneys can’t process and eliminate waste protein. This results in kidney stones.

3. Decrease in urine volume 

The decrease in urine volume often indicates kidney failure. This is typically accompanied by abdominal pain and bloating. Over time, kidneys lose the ability to excrete urine and tend to hold on to waste products instead. These wastes become toxic if they are not excreted regularly or in the right amounts. 

4. High blood pressure 

People often think that high blood pressure is always a sign of heart problems. But it also can be a symptom of kidney failurel. Blood vessels in the kidneys can’t transport the toxins out of your body. 

If left ignored, high blood pressure can damage your heart and your kidneys resulting in a heart attack. Keep in mind that high blood pressure is a silent threat to your health. So, it’s essential to visit an internist to find out the root cause of your hypertension. 

5. Changes in the urine 

Kidney disease is always accompanied by changes in the urine’s color, smell, and content. You may see a noticeable darkening of the urine, changes in the urine’s color, and increased water content of the urine. 

If you are experiencing a combination of these signs, then this might mean that you have already lost the ability of your kidney to excrete toxins and waste materials from the bloodstream. This is one of the main signs of kidney failure. 

6. Heart disease 

You should also monitor your heart health since heart disease could be a sign of premature kidney failure due to the fact that the kidneys play a vital role in keeping the heart pumping. A poorly functioning heart is a sign of fluid retention in the arteries, which contributes to high blood pressure. As you already know, high blood pressure can provoke kidney failure and heart issues.

7. Unplanned weight loss 

Kidney disease can make you lose weight even if you’re not dieting. The reason for this is not always known, but it might be caused by the build-up of toxins in the body that the kidneys fail to filter. When toxins get into the body, they tend to stay there and, over time, begin to suppress the immune system and make your body weaker and exhausted.

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