Whether you need help yourself after injury or debilitating illness, or you’re looking for somebody to take care of your aging loved ones, home health care is definitely something you should consider. With the advances of medical practices and techniques, in-home care has advanced to the point of rivalling hospital care, with caregivers being hand-picked and highly trained individuals. 

With that being said, home health care comes with a wide range of benefits, and hiring a professional caregiver will have a great impact on the quality of life of the one being cared for. Without further ado, let’s see what those benefits are.

1. Professionalism

The first and the most obvious benefit of hiring an in-home caregiver is that they’re trained professionals. This means that you or your loved one can receive hospital-grade care right in the comfort of your home. This includes watching out for signs and symptoms of illnesses, immediate help with injuries, wound dressing, post-hospitalization care, therapy and medication management.

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2. Hygiene

Personal hygiene is extremely important for the elderly, as their immune systems are weaker than most people’s. In addition, those who are bed-bound also need to have proper personal hygiene, as it will not only speed up recovery, but prevent complications. 

Luckily, home care professionals can help alleviate this problem – they can help with bathing, grooming and dressing, which ensures the person cared for retains a good standard of living.

3. Light Chores

Just like with hygiene, the elderly and the bedridden may have difficulties completing regular household chores. Luckily, in-home care professionals often offer help with some of the lighter chores around the house. This includes laundry, vacuuming, dishwashing and lawn work. And, just like with hygiene, having help with these light chores will definitely have a positive impact on the person’s quality of life.

4. Prevents Burnout

One of the main reasons why somebody might reach out to a professional nursing agency to hire in-home care is simply because they’re unable to keep up with their own obligations in addition to caring for the person in need.

Caring for the elderly and bed-bound is quite physically and emotionally taxing, and can quickly lead to burnout. Hiring a professional caregiver will let you breathe more easily, and you can rest assured that your loved one is in good hands.

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5. Affordability

Despite what one might think, personal in-home care is a more affordable alternative to hospital and facility care. Not only is an in-home caregiver more affordable to hire than a hospital stay, but you’ll also save time and money having to travel to and from the hospital to pay a visit and pay for parking and petrol. Some surveys show that a hospital stay can cost up to $500 a day, whereas having a professional home caregiver only cost you around $140, almost one fifth the price of being hospitalized.

6. Reduces Chances of Readmission

When it comes to the elderly and persons with chronic conditions, readmission is a major risk, and home health agencies offer a number of ways to reduce that risk. Readmission is both financially, physically and emotionally taxing, and having a professional caregiver around will ensure your loved one doesn’t need a trip to the hospital every time their condition starts getting out of hand. Professional caregivers can, in a good number of cases, treat and help alleviate the condition on the spot, as well as speed up convalescence.

7. Speeds up Recovery

One of the often-overlooked benefits of home care is faster recovery. Recovering in the comfort of your own home can be very important for some people, as they feel comfortable and less stressed at home. An overwhelming amount of evidence also suggests that people, and elderly in particular, are less likely to fall or sustain an injury in their own home, as opposed to the hospital, simply because they’re recovering in a familiar setting.

8. Proximity to Family and Loved Ones

Being at home means your family and loved ones can visit you whenever they like. Most hospitals enforce strict policies when it comes to visitation, and the added frustration of having to go to the hospital and find parking can shorten and sour your visits. Staying at home means your family can check in on you at any time, and that you’re always in contact, either directly or through the caregiver.

9. Companionship

Finally, in-home care provides companionship, especially for the elderly. It means that somebody is there for your loved one even if you are unable to be there all the time. There are many elderly that live alone throughout the country, with their spouses having died and their children grown up and moved out, so having somebody to talk to and play a few games of cards and chess with can mean a great deal for them.

And that’s about it for our little article. Home health care has evolved greatly over the years and can be a true lifesaver in times of crisis when you’re not there to provide immediate help and support to your loved one. Home care has a slew of other benefits, such as round the clock monitoring and providing services such as dialysis that would usually require frequent hospital visits, so if you’ve got somebody in need of help, you should definitely consider hiring professional help for them.

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