A friend of mine went to the doctor’s recently and proudly announced that he had stopped drinking. He was ready for an alcohol detox. A bottle and a half of wine a day for so many years and he packed it in just like that.

To my friend’s complete surprise, the doctor had reservations. Of course, it was a good thing to give up or radically reduce his alcohol intake, he said, and well done for that. But it was potentially dangerous to just quit without medical supervision.

I would have told him the same because, while I am not in the medical profession, I do have great experience in these matters. That’s because I am a recovering alcoholic. Nine years now without touching a drop, and quitting was the best thing I have ever done, no doubt about it.

But when I finally made the big decision and took my first steps on the long road back, I did it with professional help.

Man, I was messed up. Not just an alcoholic but also a drug addict (drug of choice: meth). I ruined the second and part of the third decade of my life, became distanced from my family, lost my self-respect and went to prison for two years. And of course, I did untold damage to my body along the way – damage which may only become evident in later years.


Consider An Alcohol Detox

There are many aspects of health that you may never have considered, so maybe this is the time to have a think about other things too. After all, it’s the dawn of a new era. My new dawn may now be a few years ago. Even so, the magic of that sunrise still lingers in my mind.

These days I’m a successful businessman, a partner in a tech company that does various things in the online world. I’m fit and healthy (as far as I know) and have a good life.

But cleaning up was no picnic, let me tell you.

Anyone who has ever been for a healthy “detox week” during which they gave their not-particularly-abused system a spring clean, will know that even low-level detoxing doesn’t have you dancing around the place immediately. You feel nauseous and tired, your headaches and you’re wondering why you did this in the first place. The benefits come later.

Multiply that experience by however many times for a heavy drinker who has crossed the line into alcoholism and you should be able to see it’s potentially harmful.

You may like to take a closer look at what alcohol detox is all about.

So here are five things to consider regarding alcohol detox:



  1. Don’t expect instantaneous results

    You will immediately stop damaging yourself, which is obviously good, but your body is going to react. It’s been used to having all this stuff poured into it, and suddenly it’s not getting it anymore. Your mind knows this is good, but your non-thinking body just knows something is not normal. In addition to generally not feeling well, your hands may shake. You will feel anxious and panicky because your brain just knows that the machine it is in charge of has ingredients missing. Somewhere in the background, your mind will be saying “It’s okay, I want to do this and it’s good,” but the body will be in shock.The more you used to drink, the worse it is likely to be.

  2. This is a good pain

    Just as mothers describe giving birth as bearable only because they know it’s for the ultimate good cause, what the detoxing alcoholic goes through is the horrible first stage of what is going to be a great experience.

  3. You can do it

    It’s a natural process. And it’s not just you: millions of people have successfully gone through alcohol detox already. Men and women, rich and poor, tough guys and delicate souls. Hang in there and be a success story

  4. It gets a little better every day

    Once the initial shock has passed, you’re well on the road to recovery. Even as you’re experiencing cravings, your mind will be telling you: you’re on the right track. Your head will be clear and you will almost hear your liver sighing with relief. Furthermore, Your eyes will lose that telltale bloodshot look and your whole appearance will become firmer and sleeker because you will have more energy.

  5. Your life can detox too

    It’s not just their body that alcoholics screw up. They damage relationships, they sabotage their own career and they generally waste their life. When you detox your body, you are detoxing your life. Like a polluted river that gets cleaned up, there will be happy fish swimming in your waters. People will then want to spend time with you when they would have been afraid to in the past.


My Hope

I hope that’s this article has helped you at least in some way. If it’s an issue in your life, I hope you can turn it around like I did with mine. Maybe you’ve seen someone going through this, or you’ve gone through it yourself. Maybe there are detox clinics nearby that you can recommend?

Why not leave us a comment and add your contribution to the subject?

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