Allium Cepa & It’s Homeopathic Uses

Allium cepa is derived from the red onion. We may eat these all the time and use their sharp tastes in foods such as salads, meats, or we even eat them plain. Side effects include bath breath :).



The Homeopathic Onion

Homeopathically, this remedy has very few mind symptoms and generally used in more acute cases such as allergies.

Therefore, when this remedy for acute ailments, it’s unnecessary to extensively focus on the mind issues.

In fact, Allium is considered to be one of the top coryza remedies, and it’s known to be very effective for acute colds and hay fever. 


Quick Remedy Overview

For a brief summary of the major uses of Allium cepa, check out this short and concise video:




Mind Symptoms

They have strong anxiety, especially regarding their health (just like Arsenicum).

Fear of future along with unbearable pain.

They can be melancholic.

Patients needing this remedy may have confusion of the mind after drinking coffee or wine. They can also be lazy when they wake up in the morning.

Allergies can cause the patient to be grumpy and upset or even violent.

They may have visions of people dancing (I actually experienced this in a homeopathic proving).


Physical Symptoms

Allium cepa is a great remedy for allergy. It can tackle these typical allergy issues such as:

  • Tearing in the eyes.
  • Coryza.
  • Burning and clear discharges.
  • Itching.
  • Sneezing.


The patient can be worse from heat and from wet weather. Alternatively, they can feel better in cold, open air.



Interestingly, they can have acrid discharges while singing.


Sinusitis or sinuses is also common in patients that need this remedy.



Interested in Allium Cepa?

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  1. Can i use allium cepa if im only having post nasal drip!! Its seems like something is tickling inside my throat like something is stuck inside nd not coming out!! Will taking this help me to completely cure my post nasal drip??