In it’s original, non-homeopathic form, the Antimonium Tartaricum homeopathic remedy is the combination of antimony and potash. When ingested, it induces bodily secretion which later produces vomiting and purging. It can also lead to paralysis and expel intestinal worms. 

In past centuries, it was traditional used as a poison for homicidal purposes. Provings on its homeopathic use were performed by Hahnemann, Stapf, Henicke, and Allen.


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Mind Symptoms


Needing attention.

Wants to be carried.

Needs to be left alone when irritated.

Appears exhausted, apathetic, drowsy.

They look like they will suffocate in their own secretions.

Worse from anger, touch, being looked at.

General Physical Symptoms


Lack of thirst, perfuse cold sweat.

Worse from warmth, lying down, morning, overeating, cold, dampness, changes in weather.

Better from cold, open air expectoration, sitting upright, motion.

Severe respiratory infection.

Chronic bronchitis.

Wheezing, rattling in the throat and chest due to mucus buildup.

Coughing is difficult due to phlegm.


Whooping cough:

  • breathing is difficult.
  • rattling in chest.
  • worse from warmth.
  • feels too hot or cold.
  • tantrums.


  • intense, wrenching.
  • longstanding nausea.
  • concomitant cough.
  • feels weight on the chest.
  • may be vomiting and/or ineffectual wrenching.


  • pustular eruptions with yellow mark behind.
  • history of acne or warts.
  • lots of blister.

Chicken pox:

  • weird blush skin eruption leaving a purplish scar.
  • cough with rattling mucus or diarrhea.
  • white coated tongue.
  • irritability.
  • better from cold.
  • coughing up mucus.
  • worse from warmth.
  • bathing in cold water.
  • heated in bed.
  • lying.


Acute Uses


Chicken pox.

Respiratory illnesses.

Whooping cough.



Multiple skin conditions.


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