Buffalo Wild Wings is a famous point for those who enjoy watching games with their friends. But sticking to your weight loss plan or healthy diet can be challenging when eating out, especially with a lot of tempting options.

It’s hard to know which ones are good for your health and which ones to keep away from. We are going to look at buffalo wild wings nutrition and see which ones would be better to skip and what menu options are healthy.

Buffalo Wild Wings has a reputation for high-fat bar food, tasty, but its extensive menu contains some healthy chicken dishes, salads, and even a black-bean burger. Most of the appetizers, mains, and sides are high in calories, sodium, fat, and saturated fat.

Buffalo Wild Wings for trying to lose weight:

When you are trying to lose weight, it can be hard since most situations involve meeting or food up at restaurants. So if your companion wants to meet at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch sports, is there anything on the special board you can eat many things while sticking to your weight loss? The truth is that you can find several things to eat, but you will have to pay no heed to the temptation of some foods. You will also have to make some modifications to your other meal selections.

Are there healthy options at Buffalo Wild Wings?

Eating healthy and eating out can be a difficult combination.  As with many restaurants, most of the menus have a very high level of sodium and fat. If that is something you need to keep away from for medical reasons, it’s crucial to do your research before eating out. This will help you make a good decision and know how much-saturated fat and sodium you are consuming, so you can adjust accordingly.

Healthier menu options

Menu itemsCaloriesFatSodium
Celery sticks150 g80 mg
Kids’ chicken tenders1501.5 g900 mg
4 naked tenders plain2002 g1200 mg
Side salad1101.5 g650 mg
grilled chicken2307 g121 mg

What are the least healthy options?

Well, there are a lot of harmful options on their menu. Those that were selected for harmful options such as highest in fat, sodium, and calories. These are the menus that you would do well to avoid if you are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Least nutritious menu items

Menu itemsCalorieFatsSodium
Buffalo mac137085 g4770 mg
Chicken Caesar67042 g3290 mg
Spicy garlic146086 g3540 mg
Boneless wings2040133 g7050 mg
Boneless wings hot161088 g6960 mg

This is just a sample of the sodium, calories, and fat in many of the menu items. These are items that contain more than two times the amount of sodium recommended every day, and a high number of fat and calories.


Keep in mind the buffalo wild wings nutrition information for each of the items listed are for just that item alone. It does not include sides, dressings, or sauces. With this in mind, you can see that it would take adjustments and planning to be able to stick to a weight loss plan or healthy diet.

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