Belladonna Homeopathic Remedy

Nicknamed the “deadly nightingshade,” the Belladonna homeopathic remedy is originally made from a poisonous plant that has been in use for centuries for its herbal and beauty properties. There is no poison in its homeopathic form whatsoever.

For example, the berries of the Belladonna plant are known to dilate the pupils, which was why Roman women used this herb for beauty purposes (according to the beauty standards of those times, dilated eye pupils were considered to be gorgeous).

Allopathically, Belladonna is used to treat larynges spasms, to dilate the pupils for examination, to remove renal colic, passing stones, relax spasms following blatter issues, and as a cough medicine.



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Mind Symptoms



Feels like they are in a stupor,



They feel that they have a foot in different worlds

Patient becomes restless, excited, confused

Giddiness, staggering, stupor, coma.

They have lots of delusions, deliriums. They see animals, black dogs, home on fire, dreaming while still awake. Familiar things look strange. Dreaming during the day.

Delusions of seeing dead, ghosts, spirits, devil, phantoms. Glassy eyed. Terrified


Physical Symptoms


Can have respiratory failure

Skin of the neck and face is flush, weak.

Urgency to urinate and difficulty emptying bladder.

Redness, rashes

Spotted tongue. Tonsils look red and shiny

Intense heating of skin leads to peeling of skin

General symptoms tend to come on a sudden onset, are violent,  and may include congestion, heat, and dilation

Illness comes on quickly and disappears quickly.

Symptoms are violent. Violent pains, headaches, throbbing, deliriums, mania, twitching, convulsions, etc.

Belladonna children can be biting, rageful, and look wild and crazy with dilating pupils glassy eyes, and a flushed face, especially in fevers

They act like an angel when well, but a devil when sick

Great for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, rabies, hydrophobia [fear of water whether drinking, thinking, looking]

Fear of dogs, barking like a dog when delirious

Dry barking cough, worse after midnight, worse on inspiration. For croup, should be considered after Aconite, especially with marked redness.

Congestion: affinity for vascular system [redness, flushing, heat], heart, circulation, brain systems. Most congestion is in brain. Blood rushes to the temporal and corrative arteries of the brain. This can lead to a fear of stroke.

Everything feels shaken

Head feels as if it’s going to burst

Ear aches throbbing

Sore throat congested

Sore thumb will throb

Can’t stand touch, bandages, hat on head with headache

Slightest jarring brings on pain

Enheightened sensitivity – aversion to light, noise, drafts, shining glistening objects [sun on water]

Heat: encompasses redness and burning. Sensitivity to overheating, sun. Good for heatstrokes, heat related illnesses, red burning tonsillitis [quincing].

Fever: skin is bright red, burning hot [boiling hot], heat impression on person touching them. Skin is very red and burning hot, YOU GET BURNED. Hands and feet can be chilly. Fever lasts from 3PM-3AM. Dryness, thirstless, hoarseness, tickling in dry throat, Whooping cough.

Also sensitive to cold, drafts and uncovering of head. They want to be wrapped

Exciting cause: getting head chilled, after hair wet or haircut, suppressed sweat, gets hot then takes cold shower.

Symptoms are worse from cold

Dilation: redness and heat lead to dilation. Can be a response to fever in vessels in order to cool down. Post pardom hemorrhaging, dilation of pupils.

Sexual Symptoms: lost their inhibitions, lascivious behavior, seductive, out of place

The acute of Calcerea Carbonicum [while taking this remedy, they may undergo fever aggravation and may need Belladonna]

Thirst for lemonade or cold water


Acute Conditions

Scarlet fever

Whooping cough

Good for mastitis, especially when red, swollen, throbbing, red steaks in breast, they’re swollen and hard

Good for teething esp with high fever and convulsions.

Good for 1st stage of meningitis


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