cramps before the period

There are many girls who enter the menstrual period, and they always think that they should deny any form of exercise. Symptoms such as cramps before the period, abdominal pain, flatulence, mood changes and stress appear. This will cause the girls not to want to participate in daily activities, especially physical activity.

On the other hand, proper exercise can reduce pain during menstruation and help eliminate other menstrual symptoms.


Walking is a great exercise for your stature, and it is a great way to burn calories.

Walking is a very easy exercise. You just need basic equipment such as sports shoes, without the need for special equipment. Also, it gives you extra strength and toughness. Quick walking combines several stretching movements that can help you soothe the pain.

Walk and breathe fresh air on campus, or in the park is a good idea. Then your body will feel more relaxed, cramps before the period also gradually disappear.


Yoga is always advised to practice when you are in the menstrual cycle. This form of meditative exercise is good for improving mood, relaxing, promoting blood circulation, regulating breathing and body. Slow, gentle yoga stretches can help you to reduce cramps before the period and pain in the lower abdomen.

Most yoga poses have no bad effect at this time, except for groups of reversed positions such as standing on the shoulders, planting bananas. On the scientific side, when the body is reversed, the uterus may become blocked by the uterus and increase the risk of cramps.

You can also do exercises to strengthen muscles, but only is the startup exercises and lightly pace. Avoid complicated and heavy movements if you are very hurt.


Exercise according to the ability of the body

I advise you to pay more attention and listen to your body, and conduct exercise suitably. When you are experiencing symptoms of menstruation, do not exercise too much exercise. Strenuous workout with intense exercises will make your body fatigue. It will make cramps before the period and pain worse.

Get access to and practice with the lightest exercises and the training time must be reasonable. If you are tired, stop exercising to rest.


Maintain right practices.

Make sure you are supervised by a professional. It will help you avoid unnecessary injuries while exercising.

You should learn how to breathe when combined with physical exercise, which is very effective in regulating the body and improving health. Breathing exercises can control stress in fat women.

Try to stay active and active as usual, then the symptoms of cramps before the period and pain will improve. This will help you to improve your sleep

If you want more peace of mind, consult a doctor as needed. Asking the experts about your problem will be very helpful to you. You will better understand your body, as well as how to prevent and resolve symptoms.


To Close: The Best Exercises For Cramps Before The Period

Taking a few simple physical exercises during menstruation is one way to reverse the symptoms. If you are preparing for the period and are experiencing cramps before the period or contractions in the lower abdomen. Try to make your body work properly; it will make you no longer haunting each other when preparing for the next.


Cramps Before The Period


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