The summer months usually encourage more people to get out in nature or hit the gym more often. Summer is also the best time for gym discounts and free trials. This because a lot of people are gone on vacation. Alternatively, they would much rather stay outdoors in the sun than sweat in a gym. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best fitness deals and discounts right now and how you can benefit from them.



Free trials for one week


One of the gyms with the best summertime deals and discounts is Crunch Fitness. For more info on the  deals and discounts for Crunch Fitness, including new membership deals and students’ specials check the linked article. Depending on the location, the monthly fee of a membership starts at only $10. Also, you can always try their free seven-day trial or the lower-priced initiation fee. You only need to inform yourself or consult with the Crunch Fitness staff directly. 


You can find another great deal at Anytime Fitness, a gym chain with over 2,000 locations across the entire nation. They too offer a free seven-day pass during which you can try every machine you want and see what kind of exercise is for you. If you are a fan of bike workouts, you should definitely check out this review of one of the newest exercise bikes, the Schwinn 130 Upright.


More free one week trials


Life Time Fitness offers another great deal: a free one-week trial at most of their locations which are over 100 across 28 states. The fee of a monthly membership usually starts at $29 and can go as high a $150, depending on the particular location you choose. 


Another chain of gyms, which has locations in Virginia, Chicago, and New York, is XSport Fitness. Their seven-day free guest pass is a little bit more special as it includes free access to any class that you, hydromassage, and a free training session with a personal trainer. These gyms have classes for everything. Plus, if you interested in a healthy lifestyle combined with difficult workout sessions, then you should take a look at a list of best high protein bread that is especially good for athletes and bodybuilders. Also, keep in mind that the lowest price for a monthly membership at XSport Fitness is $10. 


Free trials for three to five days




best fitness dea;s




At LA Fitness, a gym chain that has locations across 27 states, you can easily get a free five-day guest pass at all of its fitness clubs. You might want to check their offer before paying the $99 fee just for initiation and $25 each month afterward. Taking into account how beneficial fitness is for your health, you should make sure that you do your homework before choosing a particular gym. 


Another interesting deal is at 24 Hour Fitness, which has more than 400 locations across 13 states. Their free deal is only for three days but it includes many advantages. Their sign-up fee of $50 and monthly memberships can start at $30. Not extremely expensive, but why not take advantage of their deals and discounts?


The chain of gyms Sports Club offers free three-day trials at its Boston, Philadelphia, and New York locations. At the same time, it also has a nice five-day free guest pass at its Washington DC locations. Their deals include everything that the gym has to offer from fitness to cycling and boxing. 


Free classes


It is worth noting that there are many other kinds of deals that gyms around the country offer around this time of the year. For example, the gym chain called ClassPass offers up to three free fitness classes at all its locations in more than 40 metropolitan areas in the country. There’s also a special offer: half off the regular monthly membership. So, you can pay just $25 per month for five fitness classes.


If you’re a fan of boxing, then UFC Gym is the right place for you. They offer a free pass for one or two classes that include mixed martial arts, boxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. You should definitely watch this interesting video workout for building strength while preparing to give UFC Gym a call or pay them a visit. 



Free trials for a day/week


The gym chain called Planet Fitness always has nice deals. They offer one-day free trial passes at their 1,200 locations across the country. Beside the free trial passes, they also offer $10 monthly memberships that will surely make you want to hit the gym more often especially now that it’s summer.


You can find some of the lowest gym membership fees at a place called YouFit. YouFit is a small gym chain that has locations from Rhode Island to Florida. YouFit offers too one-day free trial passes. Their monthly membership fees start at only $10 with a $5 sign-up fee. 


Blink Fitness, with locations in New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, also has one-day free trial passes. Their sign-up fee is $10, while fitness plans usually start at about $15 per month. 


This summer, Anytime Fitness, offers a free seven-day pass. The typical monthly fee starts at $40, and there is also a small initiation fee. Anytime Fitness has over 2,000 locations in the U.S. 


Genesis Health Clubs (regular fee starts at $49) also offers a seven-day free pass, but only for local gym goers. The gym chain has around 50 locations in Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska. You can also negotiate with the gym for lower rates if you go there in person.


Jump on these best fitness deals now!


All in all, it seems that most gyms nowadays offer many types of deals and discounts. The trick is to be on the lookout and take advantage whenever you can. Summer is truly a time of change. Gather your courage, put your detective glasses on, and start looking for the deals that best suit your workout-related needs. 


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