In this post, I would like to share with you the best home cough remedies that work. You can find these both offline and online.

These home remedies are all natural, kosher, and completely safe to use. They may even help you more than cough drops or other allopathic medicines that you may be familiar with.

Of course, I am NOT suggesting that you never use any medications recommended by your doctor or medical practitioner. I am just suggesting some alternatives that may be of great aid to you as well your regular medications, if not more so.

The remedies listed here are recommended by homeopaths, naturopaths, and other alternative medicine practitioners. They can also be used for bronchitis.


Criteria For Picking The Right Cough Remedy

Although this mostly applies to differentiating between homeopathic cough remedies, this may also work for non-homeopathic remedies.

This is what you should ask before choosing an acute cough remedy:

  1. Is the cough better or worse from lying down?
  2. Does it occur in the morning, day, or night?
  3. What is the expectoration like?
    1. What color is it?
    2. Is it thick or thin?
    3. What does it taste like?
  4. How is the person’s thirst during a cough? Does he desire cold or warm drinks?
  5. What is the person’s position like while coughing?


Now, here are the most common homeopathic cough remedies:


Sulphur is a great cough remedy.natural home cough remedies

It is usually indicated where there is a long, ongoing cough, where phlegm is stuck in the middle of a cough. As some say, they will have a  “philosopher” type cough.

The cough can be loose, dry, or asthmatic. Their coughing all wake them in the night.

Physically, they tend to feel warm, sweaty, thirsty.




natural home cough remediesPulsatilla is the #1 remedy for bronchitis and deep coughs in children.

The coughs will usually be wet and watery. They will be worse from lying down, especially when initially lying down. The coughs will produce thick, yellow, and bland discharges.

Pulsatilla coughs can be dry in the day and loose at night, and the cough can keep waking them at night during sleep.




This remedy is specifically used for sudden coughs from exposure to cold, dry wind. The cough will comes on fast.natural home cough remedies

Therefore, you should only take within 24 hours of the onset of this type of cough. Otherwise use another remedy.



natural home cough remediesThe cough comes on very quickly, and it will feel hot, red, pounding, and dry.

The typical Belladonna cough will be racking and will feel dry, hot, raw, and sore. There will be very little mucous released, and the coughs are worse at 3AM and 3PM.

Concomitant symptoms around a Belladonna cough will include red cheeks that are hot to touch, as well as pulsating arteries.




This remedy is indicated when the person is coughing up thick, stringy mucus. The cough will be worse at night from 1-3 AM and worse from eating.

The cough will feel better from coughing up discharges, although they are hard to expel.




For people needing Phosphorous, the cough or respiratory infection will be a result from a previous cold.natural home cough remedies

The cough can be dry, loose, or ticklish with varied phlegm.

The person may also experience chest pains along with the cough.

They may want to hold the chest for relief. The chest pain is worse lying on the left, from tightness, and from constriction.

The person’s cough may also feel aggravation at twilight. They may also have laryngitis with the cough.

In addition to the cough symptoms indicated, the typical Phosphorous patient may also feel chilly and wants cold drinks. They generally feel worse from cold air, talking, and worse lying down.




As another good laryngitis remedy, Causticum coughs will feel irritated and tickling cough without a lot of greasy and sticky expectoration. In fact, they may have difficulty coughing up the gunk stuck in their throat. They will cough so much that their voice will become hoarse.

Interestingly, their cough could be totally gone during day, and then it can appear again at night. They may need to urinate when coughing.

Causticum coughs are worse from lying down and worse bending forward. They are however better from cold drinks, and although they generally feel chilly, they do feel better in cloudy or rainy weather.




When a longstanding cough starts to worsen into pneumonia, and the person is too weak to cough up expectoration, consider Ammonium.



Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus toxicodendron is great for dry and tickling coughs that are felt behind the breast bone.

Along with the cough, they can have a stuffy nose with thick yellow or green gunk coming out of their throat. They will also be restless.

The are better for motion, but worse in cold temperatures and worse from lying down.


Hepar Sulph.

Unlike Aconite, Hepar sulph., is usually used for the later stage of coughs during a cold. The person needing this remedy will feel worse from cold air and feels much better from warmth or humid air.

These chilly patients can have deep, wet coughs with thick yellow, offensive discharges.



Persons needing Bryonia tend to have painful coughs that hurt the most in the chest. Because of this, they will hold on to their chest for amelioration. They want to position their body above their diaphragm, because if not, then it will be painful.natural home cough remedies

Their very dry, spasmodic coughs will move down to the chest, which can cause shallow breathing.

Those that need Bryonia are usually very thirsty and always want to drink. They are worse during the day, worse in warm rooms, and worse from movement.




This remedy can help those with hard, deep coughs that are spasmodic and irritating the larynx.natural home cough remedies

The coughs may also feel deep and painful. There may also be spasms of coughing that can lead to wrenching and vomiting.

They simply cannot breathe with this type of cough.

People needing Drosera can be better all day, but then once they go to sleep, their coughing gets bad.

Their worst aggravation is between midnight and 2AM. They are also worse from eating & drinking.

Nasty cough expectorations can be pus-like, bitter tasting, and bloody.



When the weather turns cold and damp and then the person starts having tickling and raw coughs, then consider Dulcamara. Check also for easy expectoration and if they are worse from lying down.
natural home cough remedies



For any type of gagging-like cough that immediately results in vomiting or coughing up vomit, consider homeopathic Ipecac. Vomiting and coughing can also occur simultaneously.

Aside for its unique vomiting characteristics, Ipecac can assist with coughs that are tickling, deep and rattling. The cough patient needing this remedy may have a hard time catching their breath, and even their breathing out is harder than breathing in.

Additionally, they can have a stuffy nose and nosebleeds, and they feel worse at 7PM.


Kali Carbonicum

The cough of a typical Kali-carbonicum patient will be violent and very spasmodic that is worse on the right side on the chest and worse between 2-4 AM. For relief, they will want to sit up in their bed and bend over.

They can have a splinter, wishbone feeling in the throat. Mentally, they are similar to Arsenicum’s personality picture. They can be irritable, they will desire company, and they will be very fearful.




People needing Rumex will have dry, tickling, and irritated coughs that occur mostly at the pit of the throat.natural home cough remedies

The inhalation of cold air aggravates them a lot as they are sensitive to cold air ( they may even cover their mouths when around cold air).

Their sensitivity to temperature change can be a cause of an acute cough.

Generally, they are worse in evening before midnight (usually around 11PM), worse lying down, worse on first waking.




natural home cough remediesSanguinella is a prime cough remedy for summer coughs.

The patient may have a red face from their spasmodic exhausting coughs that extend to the chest.

Coughs may produce bloody, offensive, and bad tasting expectoration.

When coughing, they may have crawling or tingling sensations in the trachea, as if something small is in there.

They are worse from lying down, but better from burping, farting, and after releasing expectoration.




Spongea is the main remedy used in croup.natural home cough remedies

It is indicated for dry, irritated seal-like barks that can also feel irritated in the larynx.

The child’s coughing can get severe to the point that they can feel suffocative and cause the child’s face to turn blue in color.

They will generally much better from eating or drinking warm foods and drinks, but they are worse. before or at midnight, worse from cold dry air,  and worse from cold drinks.



Other Useful Home Cough Remedies That Work

Other than the homeopathic remedies listed above, I also recommend using these safe and natural tips to help deal with coughs.

natural home cough remedies

These do not interfere with homeopathic remedies.


  • Drinking tea with Manuka honey can soothe throat passages very quickly and destroy the bacteria sources that worsen coughs better than most other honey products.
  • Inhaling steam or taking steam showers can also help.
  • Sometimes, nasal congestion can cause coughing. Use Xylitol nasal sprays to destroy the bacteria buildup in your nose.
  • Neti pots are great too and are easy to use. I know a lot of people that have had great experience with them in the past without side effects of any sort.
  • Herbal medicine can also be very effective in alleviating coughs and inducing relaxation. To learn more about herbal medicine’s uses in coughs and for other ailments, please see this amazing post by my friend, Diana Ketchen, the editor of Natural Herbal Remedies.

About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • Hello,

    Very professional looking and well written site. This is an extensive list and I had no idea these elements could be used as an alternative.

    What is your professional background? Do you have experience in these area of medicine?

    My friend contracted bronchitis and will inform him of your web page.

    Thanks for the help!


    • Hey Benjamin,

      Thanks for visiting! As of this message, I have been studying homeopathy for the past 3 years. I am currently studying in the CHE NYC, and I am also interning in the New York/New Jersey area.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and I hope your friend will recover!

  • Hey, I’m really interested in homeopathy so I really loved your post. I knew about Belladonna and its great effect in dry cough, but I had no idea about the others. There were some plants that I haven’t even heard about, like Bryonia or Pulsitilla. Shame on me for not knowing them 😛
    So, from what I understand, each of them has a better effect in a certain type of cough, so it would be recommended to use them according to this. Am I right? 🙂

    • Yes. And its not just the type of coughs; sometimes you also have to see the person’s demeanor while he has these acute coughs.

      And don’t worry…once you get to use them homeopathically, you’ll come to learn about them much more 😉


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