The Best Proven Home Remedies For Heartburn

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home remedies for heartburn

The esophagus, which connects the stomach with the mouth, is made of smooth muscles to push the food forward into the stomach. The lower esophageal sphincter is responsible for preventing the reflux of food. If the digestive juices and stomach acids reflux into the esophagus, you will suffer from inflammation. Acid reflux back into the esophagus causes heartburn. If heartburn is not cured immediately, you will suffer from burning sensation your chest area. Uncontrolled heartburn is a serious issue. A lot of home remedies for heartburn are available to cure and prevent recurrence.

The Best Home Remedies for Heartburn

Lemon Juice for Heartburn Treatment At Home


Lemon juice is one of the best home remedies for heartburn. With a pH of 2, it consists of vitamin C and other essential nutrients. It is suggested to cut the lemon and take the juice into a glass. You can drink this juice straight away to control heartburn naturally. If you are unable to drink the raw juice of lemon, you can add 1/4th cup of water, blend and drink it. It is suggested to collect the organic lemons from the nearby organic store for best results.


 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a pH of 5. It promotes digestion by reducing the pH of stomach contents to 2. It is suggested to prepare a blend of ¼ cup of water with 2 tablespoons full of apple cider vinegar and drink every five minutes to cure heartburn.


Organic Baking Soda

It is suggested to blend a spoonful of baking soda into a glass of water and drink to cure acid reflux naturally. It is also one of the best home remedies for acid reflux.


Organic Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice is the best home remedy to cure upset stomach, ulcerative colitis, and diarrhea. It consists of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which promote the digestion and soothes the acid reflux. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to eliminate toxins from your body. Also, it lowers blood sugar levels, cholesterol and revitalizes your skin.

You need to extract the aloe vera juice by breaking and the opening of the leaves. Drink half a cup of aloe vera juice to get rid of acid reflux.


It is suggested to blend a one tablespoon full of yellow mustard with half a glass of water and drink this liquid to cure acid reflux. It is the best herbal remedy for heartburn.



It is suggested to drink half a cup of cold buttermilk for the treatment of acid reflux. It is suggested to use soy products and fermented milk in your daily diet to cure acid reflux naturally.



Potato juice helps to neutralize the acids in your stomach and repairs the esophagus lining. It is suggested to take the juice of one potato and blend with equal qty of cold water. It is suggested to drink this liquid to cure acid reflux.



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Home Remedies For Heartburn

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