Everyone wants to enjoy their fun trips or be their healthiest when traveling for business. Nobody wants to get ill or injured and have their entire trip ruined, which is why it’s always vital to have the best travel sickness remedies wherever you go.

In case you are actually going away now for whatever purpose, don’t take your health for granted.

Some of the many potential illnesses and injuries that you may encounter while on the road may include diarrhea, jet lag, anxiety, hangovers, sunstrokes, burns, stings, back pain, and much much more!

Wouldn’t you like to avoid all of these and not ruin your trip?

Here are some of the best travel sickness remedies that you may need for any trip:


Insomnia & Sleepiness


According to practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, using acupressure on one’s feet, ears, and/or hands can relieve insomnia or sleepiness smoothly, depending on the body part that you press on with your thumb.

Naturopathic solutions include using melatonin, valerian, or drinking chamomile tea. I usually pick this particular brand of chamomile tea which helps me snooze every time I need it.


Best Travel Sickness Remedies


In homeopathy there are a wide variety of remedies such as the combination remedy “No Jetlag,” Arnica, and homeopathic melatonin.

Here are some other common homeopathic travel remedies for insomnia and sleepiness:


Cocculus is a top insomnia remedy for one that has loss a lot of sleep, which usually results from tending for a loved one or waking up in the middle of sleep.


Think of Coffea cruda when arriving at a destination late night and you are still wide awake.


Another prime remedy for sleeplessness is homeopathic Cocoa, which is also useful in a variety of complaints including anxiety and insomnia.


Ignatia can work for people who need this remedy usually have a wound up nervous system. This can result in insomnia from either excitement or heightened emotions.


Among other important uses, Nux Vomica can be used for acute sleep issues in which the patient feels “toxic,” hung over, and irritable.

Their impatience and irritbaility gets worse when they are tired and are eager to get off of a plane immediately after a long flight and affected sleep schedule.



Here are several homeopathic remedies that can help with acute nausea:


Cocculus is great for nausea, especially when it happens from riding in a carriage or vehicle.


Petroleum can also be this for nausea when it results from riding in a car or on the sea.


Borax is another awesome nausea remedy for traveling when landing. You know someone needs Borax when they feel worse when going down which then leads to nausea.

Best Travel Sickness Remedies


As for non-homeopathic home remedies, I have personally used Persian rock candy to relieve nausea, which works most of the time (and tastes really good too!).

Just suck on the candy for a few minutes for relief.




Although an unpopular homeopathic remedy, Tabacum is a wonderful vertigo remedy especially when there is an intense nausea with sinking sensations in the stomach




Nux Vomica has the unique ability to help undo hangovers and other negative effects of alcohol and drugs, more so than any other homeopathic remedy.Best Travel Sickness Remedies

It’s been proven so much so that even homeopaths often utilize Nux Vomica to help alcoholics overcome their severe addictions to alcohol.


The naturopathic response to hangovers is to drink water and eat eggs.







Best Travel Sickness Remedies


Arnica is the #1 remedy for First Aid, which is the first remedy to think of when it comes to traumatic injuries and bruising. It’s also a great remedy to take before and after surgeries. 

For more information on Arnica, click here, here, and here.


Bellis Perenis should be considered if Arnica does not work. It is known for it’s amazing ability to heal acute injuries in the abdomen and breasts.


Hypericum is a top remedy for any type of injury in the nerves.


Ruta gravelons is typically used successfully for sprains in the tendons.

Rhus Toxicodendron is used for when there is stiffness in joints and the patient is better from movement but worse from the cold and dampness. They tend to take a long time to get up before they start moving.


Ledum is the number 1 remedy for puncture wounds, especially when pain is better from cold.


When it comes to animal or insect bites or stings, think of Apis, especially when the pain is better from cold and the skin turns red and swells after the bite or sting.


According to the naturopaths vinegar or urine can be applied on jellyfish stings for easier recoveries.



Altitude Sickness


Classical symptoms for altitude sicknesses include dizziness, shortness of breath, vertigo, and nausea. Many of the remedies mentioned above cover these symptoms in more specific details.

For homeopathic solutions specific to acute altitude sickness however, Coca and Arnica are most likely your best choices to use.

A suggested herbal remedy for altitude sickness is to chew on cod leaf.





There are numerous homeopathic and other natural remedies that are effective for sunstrokes and sunburns. These are great to take with you to the beach:


Although typically used for stings, Cantharis is a wonderful remedy for treating heat and burning issues where there is redness and itching on the skin. This may include red, burning eruptions on the skin such as blisters and inflammation.

A person needing this remedy will be better from the cold.

Emotionally, Cantharises will have a lot of irritability and anger when they experience these pains.


Best Travel Sickness Remedies


Made from nitroglycerin, Gloninum is great for throbbing, explosive headaches which also include congestion in the head as well as the rushing of heat and blood into the head



Belladonna is usually indicated here where there is rising, pulsating heat towards the head as well as throbbing, pulsating headaches.

Naturopaths recommended using the aloe vera plant either for consumption or topically with an aloe vera cream to relieve sunstrokes or sunburns.

In aromatherapy, lavender essential oils are usually used for these types of sun injuries.


Back Pain


Generally on trips, people can experience back pain for a variety of even non-accidental reasons, which may include caused by slip disks, not moving about, tension in muscle fibers

In many cases, simple exercises such as stretching, massage, yoga, pilates, or any other type of motion can help relax muscles and lessen the intensity of pain.

In addition, there are several really useful homeopathic remedies that you can use for acute back pain on any trip:


Rhus Toxicodendron should be considered for back pain when there is marked. stiffness


Cimicafuga is an awesome women’s back pain remedy. It is good for backspins stemming from menstruation, abdominal pains spreading towards thighs, and menstrual cramps, which are worse during flow,


Although not exactly for back pain, Calcarea Phosphoricum is great for back pain in the neck and joints, aching in the bones, and growing pains. Have this remedy in mind when the patient is worse for exertion and tired.


Natrum muriaticum is another wonderful back pain remedy, especially when the patient feels better from pressure and/or has a feverish symptoms along with the pain.



Digestive Issues



Best Travel Sickness Remedies


Homeopathy can offer several options for digestive issues while you are on the road:


Platina is a good remedy that can help with constipation on the road.


A top stomach remedy, Lycopodium is also great for constipation when away from home, especially when there is marked bloating and dissension.


Veratrum can help feverish, cold patients that have explosive diarrhea and experience a huge loss of fluids as well as vomiting.


China should be considered when there is diarrhea along with bloating, fullness, exhaustion, and gas. The stomach may feel hard and distended like a drum.


Podophyllum is a minor remedy that is commonly indicated when stomach is gurgling, and when the person has explosive, involuntary  stools. Diarrhea can occur after bad food.


One of the most intense of our acute digestive remedies is Arsenicum. Besides for their classic anxiety and fear of the unknown, they will also have projectile, spasmodic vomiting and stools occurring at the same time

Concomitant digestive symptoms may also include intense nausea and feeling cold.


Anxiety, Fear, Stress

As mentioned earlier, Arsenicum should be used when the person has a fear of the unknown and has a lot of anxiety and restlessness.


Gelsemium works best when the patient has a low grade fever with anxiety anticipating.


Nux Vomica is a wonderful remedy for those persons that get impatient, irritable, and just plain ANGRY. In short, “pissed off” constantly.


Natrum Muriaticum is great for those with stress over traveling experiences, especially when it comes from a need to be on time.


Have Your Own Best Travel Sickness Remedies?

Leave Your Suggestions Below!


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Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of naturalholistichomeopathic.com, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • Great information. I will check your site regularly, bacause I prefer heal myself with natural remedies and homeopathy this is why the given information is really helpful to me. I know that most people deny the effectiveness of the homeopathy but I can say that it works at least it works to me !
    Keep up the good work !

    • Thanks Nadine! And for those skeptics, you can refer them to the Homeopathy Research section of my site which brings down solid research studies proving the effectiveness for homeopathy for a variety of issues.

  • What a wealth of information on so many different remedies for anxiety and travel sickness, amongst other things. I’ve never heard of many of these holistic and homeopathic cures.

    I will now be on the internet finding out about all these remedies and looking up where the plants and compounds come from and what they look like, so interesting.

    Thanks for this educational, helpful and so very interesting post. It is a pity that so many of us do not know how to use nature’s natural remedies. Ches

  • These are superb recommendations. My children both recently became certified scuba divers, and the absolute worst part for them is the boat ride-both get very nauseous, which makes the whole day somewhat unpleasant. We have used ginger as well as acupressure bands but they still suffer, so I will absolutely try these homeopathic remedies.

    • Sounds like a great idea Hillary! If you need help in choosing the right remedies for your kids, please don’t hesitate to contact me. :


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