Hormones are usually referred to as “chemical messengers,” which, from the name itself, transmits signals or messages to the brain. They plan an important role in a human’s body as they can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. More than that, hormones are also in charge of keeping you sane by controlling your mood, feelings, emotions, appetite, and weight. To say the least, your hormones should assure you that everything inside of you works perfectly fine and that your physical, emotional, and mental health are in sync. Too much or too little production of hormones can then lead to a hormone imbalance.

As mentioned, hormone imbalance happens when there’s either too much or too little production of any specific hormone in your body. If you’re not aware, yes, the smallest and lightest changes can cause side effects all throughout your body. Hormone imbalance can affect anyone of any age. Here are some of the [possible] causes of your hormone imbalance, should you feel like you’re going through one:

  • diabetes 
  • hyperthyroidism
  • hypothyroidism 
  • cancer treatments
  • chronic stress
  • depression 

Once you feel like you’re experiencing hormone imbalance, the very first thing to do is consult with a doctor. Never try to self-diagnose and medicate, ever. This can only lead to further complications, and it might be another way of heightening your hormone imbalance.

Normally, doctors would first suggest natural home remedies for you to try before going into any type of treatment. This is because nothing really beats natural remedies, especially if that concerns hormones! However, some cases cannot be treated by home remedies anymore, which is why more people opt for bioidentical hormone replacement therapies or BHRT. This treatment is specifically made to target lowering hormones, replacing old or gone ones with new hormones. In turn, it helps bring back one’s natural hormone balance and restores a youthful glow. One of the very few proven and trusted in the world is the BHRT where doctors formulate a replica of your hormones, which is perfectly safe for your body.

While there are quite many proven medications and treatments in the world, some people still tend to make a fuss out of it; hence, so much myths have started rising here and there, especially about BHRT. But, we’ve laid out all these BHRT myths you need to stop believing down below:

Myth #1: BHRT is Dangerous and Can Cause Cancer

This is a common myth or misconception when it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapies. Here’s what you need to know about this myth:

Only synthetic hormones can possibly cause cancer. Based on studies, people (most especially women) who take artificial hormones are proven to develop breast cancer and heart diseases. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, from the name itself, uses and formulates hormones identical to one’s original, lost hormones, which is perfectly safe and effective. Synthetics are known to be one of the most dangerous ingredients ever to exist, especially if applied or taken into a person’s body. So, yes, synthetics are hazardous and can cause cancer. However, hormone replacement therapies are not and can even bring significant and positive changes to one’s health.

Myth #2: Synthetic and Bioidentical Hormones Are Equally The Same

False. Bioidentical hormones, again, from the name itself, are anatomically similar or identical to endogenous hormones produced by the human body. These hormones’ ingredients are all formulated off of plant-based sources, much like yams. 

Meanwhile, synthetic hormones possess chemical properties, which are foreign substances to the body. Additionally, these are created straight out of laboratories, which are initially designed for birth control purposes and not to ease symptoms of menopause.

Myth #3: All Processes of Hormone Replacement Are Alike

This is entirely false. Not all processes or ways of delivering hormone replacement therapies are the same. When taken orally, estrogen or synthetic “hormones” are directly metabolized by the liver, which, in turn, can cause cancerous cells or metabolites. Instead of trying to treat your hormone imbalance, you will only make things worse.

To avoid this, hormone replacement therapies should be taken or delivered through the skin instead of taking it orally. Bioidentical hormones can be delivered or applied through a patch, cream, or vaginal suppository. These methods are definitely proven safer and more effective (with no added side effects) as compared to oral estrogen or synthetics.

Myth #4: Any Alternative Medical Representative or Practitioner Can Prescribe BHRT

False. This myth is just so wrong. Each person is different; therefore, each hormone imbalance needs to be carefully evaluated and correctly prescribed. Only a licensed professional should diagnose a patient and prescribe or recommend bioidentical hormone replacement therapies. Anyone who is not a medical professional that diagnoses you with hormone imbalance and prescribes you with medications for the said condition should not be trusted at all. Instead of treating your [medical] condition, you’re likely worsening it.

Myth #5: BHRT is The Only Medication You Need to Feel Better

BHRT can go a long way toward improving your lifestyle. However, BHRT is not the answer alone to your medical condition. You might be having hormone imbalances now, but it may not be for too long. In that case, you can opt for simple, natural home remedies and changes in lifestyle to make you feel better and bring back your natural hormone balance.

Stress is one of the things you can work on when going through hormone imbalances. You can start by getting a good amount of sleep, preferably 7 to 8 hours. Once you’ve learned the habit of giving yourself enough rest, you can proceed onto more significant changes in lifestyle such as doing meditation, enrolling yourself in a yoga class or at the gym, completely shifting from unhealthy meals to healthy, prepped ones, and so much more! BHRT alone is not the only solution to your problem. If anything, BHRT is the last resort in case none of these lifestyle changes are working.

Wrapping Up

In summary, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is definitely proven to be safer than synthetics. More than anything, it’s important to consult with a doctor first before believing any myth. Doctors in this specific field of expertise know better than anyone, that’s why it’s safest to go for their opinion first before anything else. Above all, reflect and meditate on your own and try to assess how you can also help yourself.

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