The Calcarea Carbonica homeopathic remedy is homeopathically grouped as one of the Calcarea Salt remedies in general materia medicas. It was one of the first remedies discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann himself.

In it’s original tincture, it is derived from clam and oyster shells. These outer shells have a hard, chalky surface, which protects the tiny, soft body of the clam itself.

Interestingly, if sand gets inside the shell, it irritates the soft skin until it creates a pearl.


As a Homeopathic Remedy

Besides for Lycopodium and Sulphur, Calcarea Carbonica is one of the three top most commonly used polycrests in our materia medica.


Here, world renowned homeopath, Misha Norland, briefly, describes the general constitutional remedy picture of the Calcarea Carbonica homeopathic remedy:




Mind Symptoms


The polar opposite of Belladonna!

Very responsible.



Produces beautiful things.

Takes a long time to “get there”, reach their goals, etc.


Hard on outside, soft on the inside (like the shell mentioned above).

Babies: round, rosy cheeked, happy, quite healthy.

Prefers to stay inside at recess time. Doesn’t like to be active, play vigorously.

If forced to play, they get very sweaty and exhausted.

Sometimes they may have strong vitality but still reach a stage of inactivity..

Homesick and does not want to be away from home.

Desire to go home.

Aversion to going to other people’s houses.

Very close with family and friends.

Hard worker at school, only get good grades from applying effort.

Needs to be methodical, smart. Needs to process information to figure something out.

Can be successful but only if they persevere (symbolically like the creation of a pearl; see above).

Test taking can be difficult.

Alternatively can be obstinate, stubborn.

May have a temper tantrum.

Not great with transition, cannot move on to the next stop/stage.

Likes the old things, hates the new.

Likes order, routine.

Works well in bureaucracy, with structure, great in filling in roles.

Very solid, responsible people.

They may always have around them a tasklist/checkoff list.

You can always count on Calcarea carbonica types of people.

Supportive people.

Alternatively can be sluggish, slow, need lots of effort to do physical things.

Hates to go to the doctor or nurse.

Doesn’t like to be poked.

Fears: thunderstorms, dogs, heights, night terrors, darkness, anything that goes wrong, trifles, getting ill, being insane or being viewed as insane


They’re afraid that people will notice the confusion in their head.

Lack of self confidence.

Stresses become harder and harder to deal with.

Lapses of memory.

Feeling as if brain is paralyzed.

Muddled feeling, recollection difficult.

May focus on little things, dementia.

Mind becomes obsessed with minor things/details.

Intense dementia.

Physical Symptoms



Soft nails and teeth.

Back pain.


Complains of chilliness.

Varicose veins.

Worse from cold weather.

Easily out of breath.

Weak heart.

Hardness of blood vessels.

Desire, dislike or aversion to milk, dairy products.

Great remedy for gall bladder.

Assimilation of food in the gut difficult.

Intolerant of mother’s milk.

Develops sweat in upper body, head, and sweat. Sweat smells sour.

They smell sour.

Problems in digesting calcium.

Hardness of glands.

Hard bones are actually soft.

Desire for eggs.

Baby’s fontanels are slow to close (on top of head).

Might have cradle cap.

Worse from motion. They do not want to move.

Delayed walking, teething.

Difficult, painful teething.

Develop frequent colds in the winter.

Frequent ear infections.

Swollen glands.

Can get a high, healthy fever.

Can be flabby, round, and possibly dark-skinned.


Weak ankles.

Loose ligaments [e.g. can bend joints backwards].

Soft teeth may have cavities.

Intestines and colin don’t wanna move——constipation.

Happier with constipation than diarrhea.

Aids the motion of the GI tract.

Stiff, strained muscles and tendons.

Component for blood and clogging.

Cartilage and bones problems.


Acute Conditions


Gall bladder infections.

Kidney stones.

General allergies.

Low stamina.

Sudden coldness, cold temperatures.





Multiple Sclerosis (MS).




Leg cramps.




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