Pregnancy is a sensitive time. The mother should protect herself and the baby to ensure a smooth gestation period. Whatever the mother exposes herself to during the pregnancy will positively or adversely affect the unborn baby. These toxic substances may be inhaled, ingested, or even absorbed through the skin. There are several chemicals that a responsible pregnant woman who wants to give birth to a healthy baby should avoid. These hazardous chemicals include the following:

Salicylic Acids and Benzoyl Peroxide

Most cosmetics and acne creams contain these substances. When a lady is pregnant, hormones may play havoc on their bodies that might prompt them to use strong acne creams to get rid of them. However, they should be careful and choose creams with safe ingredients to use on your face. Most of the creams used to manage several skin conditions contain Salicylic acids and Benzoyl Peroxide. These substances might lead to defects in the unborn baby.


When you expose yourself to a high amount of lead during pregnancy, it leads to several problems that may threaten it and the health of the unborn baby. These include developmental delays in the baby, miscarriage, low birth weight, and delivery of premature babies. Research has shown that even after the baby is born, exposure to lead might cause a delay in learning ability.


The American FDA cautions pregnant women not to eat fish that might contain high levels of mercury. These species include tilefish, shark, king mackerel, and swordfish, among others. Generally, mercury damages the motor skills and nervous system of the baby. This warning also applies to women who are breastfeeding. Nonetheless, mothers can ingest fish that don’t contain high levels of mercury. These include catfish, perch, salmon, sole, and cod, among others.


Preservatives contain harmful toxins like Arsenic. It is a poisonous substance when used in copious amounts, and it also causes problems on the unborn baby during pregnancy. These problems include miscarriage, stillbirths, diabetes, and several cancers, among others. Most carpenters preserve garden furniture with chemicals that contain Arsenic. In case you suspect that you have touched an item that contains this substance wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

Exposure to the above toxic substances and others will lead to disabilities of the baby. Nonetheless, it has to be in a particular environment. During instances when the disability may have been due to negligence, in the surroundings, you may consult a birth defect lawyer. The attorney will investigate the causes of it conclusively with a professional scientist. It will assist them in following up your case proficiently, and there will be compensation for it.

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