When it comes to beauty, you don’t have to take the chemicals and preservatives route. There are numerous alternative products that can duplicate the results of drugstore formulas and do it in a clean, pure and healthy manner.

Here are four products to replace with natural alternatives:

Coconut Oil

Not only is it excellent for cooking with and maintaining a trimmer waistline, but coconut oil delivers on all beauty fronts. It happens to be an amazing topical skin care treatment.

If you’re looking for a fast and effective makeup remover, coconut oil can get rid of mascara, eyeliner, etc. You won’t need those fancy makeup remover wipes.

Coconut oil makes an excellent body moisturizer for stubborn dry skin like the elbows, knees and cracked callused heels.

Rice Water

It sounds crazy, but rice water makes for a wonderful facial toner and hair conditioner. Soak half a cup of uncooked rice in a covered saucepan of water (3 cups) overnight. Strain the rice, and keep the liquid in a spray bottle. Your rice water is ready for use.

After washing your face and drying it, spritz on the rice water, and massage it into your face and neck. Do not rinse it off.

Rice water is full of incredible antioxidants that tone the skin, minimize pores and even condition the hair.

Use it as a last rinse after you’ve shampooed (once a week). Shiny, strong hair will develop.

Non-Aluminum Underarm Relief

There are potentially harmful chemicals contained in your drugstore antiperspirants. Women and men both want dry underarms that are odor-free. When it comes to deodorant vs. antiperspirant, a naturally made deodorant is the clear winner. It doesn’t contain nasty chemicals like aluminum and parabens.

Natural deodorant is gentle, safe and long-lasting for all underarm skin and is formulated to draw out odor-causing bacteria and toxins. Bye-bye, white residue.

Sweet Almond Oil

It’s chock-full of vitamin E, vitamin A, and monounsaturated fatty acids. Sweet almond oil is just what your skin needs for proper repair.

The oil is effective at improving under eye circles and soothing eczema and rashes. You can even rub it on to brittle fingernails to improve their strength and suppleness.

Let’s be honest. Many beauty products found on store shelves contain synthetic ingredients with hidden toxicities. When you get back to nature, your face and body recognize the clear difference and respond appropriately.

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