Clinical Trials Say Yes To Homeopathy For Insomnia

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Homeopathy For Insomnia

Recently, I introduced effective remedies used in homeopathy for insomnia and other sleep issues. The top remedies I suggested based on my research and training include Cocculus, Coffea Cruda, and Opium.

These remedies were recommended in the classroom of master homeopath, Robert Field, RSHom,CCH,APH,CTHom.

In addition, I used one of the remedies, Coffea Cruda, and saw significant results with friends and family of mine that used it (despite trying suppressive medications for YEARS).


Homeopathy For Insomnia




But, anecdotical evidence is not the best way to show how effectively a remedy works. Of course, clinical evidence is needed. Without concrete, thoroughly valid evidence, you cannot definitely prove that a homeopathic remedy, let alone any medication.

Fortunately, there is a substantial amount of evidence supporting homeopathy for insomnia, as
well as for other sleep related issues.

Here’s just some of the research, and you’re encouraged to further investigate this research for yourself:


Study #1

Researchers: Naudé D.F., Stephanie Couchman IM, Maharaj A.

Year: 2010.

Publication: Homeopathy.Homeopathy For Insomnia

Participants: In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind study, 30 persons were randomly divided into two separate groups, with one taking a prescribed Homeopathic remedy, and the other taking a placebo.

For over 2 weeks, the persons using Homeopathy had a consultation followed by 2 follow-ups. Those taking placebos were also examined.

Results: The persons taking the Homeopathic remedies reported longer sleeping times, at a statistically higher rate than those taking placebos.

Source: Naudé, D. F., Couchman, I. M. S., & Maharaj, A. (2010). Chronic primary insomnia: efficacy of homeopathic simillimum. Homeopathy99(1), 63-68.



Study #2

Researchers Harrison C.C., Solomon EM, Pellow J.

Year: 2013.

Publication: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Participants: 46 men between the ages of 18-40 diagnosed with insomnia were recruited for this randomized pilot study. However, 28 of the males were ultimately able to participate in the experiment.

The remaining 28 males were divided into homeopathic and placebo groups [similar to Study #1]. Both groups were treated with their respective medicines for 4 weeks.

Results: The men taking the homeopathic remedies were healed more quickly and efficiently of their chronic insomnia than their placebo counterparts.

The “statistically significant” numbers also showed that the remedies “outperformed” much more than the placebos in treating insomnia.

SourceHom, C. H. M., & Hom, J. P. M. (2013). The effect of a homeopathic complex on psychophysiological onset insomnia in males: a randomized pilot study. Alternative therapies in health and medicine19(5), 38.


Study #3

Researchers:  Ruiz-Vega, G., Perez-Ordaz, L., Cortes-Galvan, L., & Juárez-G, F. M.

Year: 2003.

Homeopathy For Insomnia
Are you ready to sleep with some coffee? Coffea cruda 30c

Publication: Homeopathy.

Participants: During a sleep period, researchers induced caffeine into a group of rats. Using a blind, control group, they orally injected Coffea cruda 30c into some of the rats but into the rats of the control group.

Results: The rats treated with Coffea cruda had a major increase in sleep time, unlike the rats of the control group.

SourceRuiz-Vega, G., Perez-Ordaz, L., Cortes-Galvan, L., & Juárez-G, F. M. (2003). A kinetic approach to caffeine–Coffea cruda interaction. Homeopathy92(1), 19-29.


Study #4

Researchers: S. Hejazi, S.A. Hosseini Tehrani, M.H. Salehi Sormaghi, M. Sharifi. All M.D.s.

Homeopathy For Insomnia
Coffea Cruda 30c. As tested

Year: 2012.

Publication: European Psychiatry.

Participants: In a single, double blind, randomized, double placebo-controlled clinical trial, 90 insomniac Iranian students were divided into 2 groups.

One group was given Coffea cruda 30c, and the other group was given Valeriana officinalis, a herbal remedy (NOT homeopathic).

Both groups also included an even number of students who were given placebos.

All groups were given dosages of either Coffea cruda 30c, Valeriana officinalis, and/or placebo for a month.

This study was retested to ensure validation.

Results: The clinicians reported that the Coffea cruda was not only superior to the placebo, but it overall healed insomnia more efficiently for the Iranian students compared to the Valerian.

More side effects were reported for the Valeriana officinalis group, whereas those taking Coffea cruda reported almost no side effects whatsoever.

Source: Hejazi, S., Tehrany, S. H., Sormaghi, M. S., & Sharifi, M. (2012). P-1348-The effects of herbal medicin and homeopathic remedy on insomnia. European Psychiatry27, 1.



Conclusion: Homeopathy for Insomnia Is Really Useful!

Based off this and the rest of the sea of research out there, we could safely conclude that homeopathy can treat insomnia and other sleep problems, with ease.

Whether by itself or alongside conventional medications, it can definitely bring about resonant healing not just for your sleep, but for other holistic issues that affect your sleep as well!

And if you haven’t done so yet…


Check out some of the best acute homeopathic remedies for insomnia for extra snoozing!


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