The packaging of cannabis is one of the most important tasks to take into account during the harvesting stage of the crop since if it is not carried out correctly, quality can be lost in the harvest, or even lost entirely. Even though there are countless homemade tricks to keep the harvest for a while, these tricks run the risk of spoiling the harvest that we have cultivated with so much care. Therefore, to avoid such problems, different types of cannabis packaging tools specific to cannabis plantations are available on the market. These tools can help you keep your cannabis fresh for months with total security and guarantee to avoid future regrets, cries, curses and expletives. 

Although one thing that needs to be made clear from the start is that the air must circulate between the buds because otherwise we run the risk of mold appearing and spoiling your harvest.


It is one of the most recommended options, since it exists in several sizes and is a very affordable product economically speaking. Being opaque, we will prevent sunlight from filtering, which often happens with glass jars. These boats have a button that closes under vacuum and perfectly preserves from light, odors and humidity. It exists in various sizes, from 0.06 to 2.35 liters. We can use it throughout the year and even take it to the beach because it is waterproof.


Think of it as the pocket version of the Tighvac; you can use it for the storage of small quantities that you need during the day; therefore, it is ideal for taking on the road. Once closed, its contents remain in a vacuum, leaving oxygen and moisture outside. It is 2.5 cm high and 7 cm in diameter and available in several colors such as yellow, black, red, white, green, and blue.


This storage wonder is inspired by NASA’s BRIC4 development for transporting plants to outer space. These cans are completely watertight since they have an O-ring that completely isolates their contents from the outside.


Made of aluminum, it can be closed with the clothes iron or even the hair iron, very comfortable to use and economical. You can cut them to the size you want, turning a large bag into several small ones. It can even be carried in a pocket if you go camping or hiking.


This small vacuum packing machine is very easy to use. It works with 6 AA batteries or with a power adapter that is included. It comes with five reusable bags, ideal for storing for long periods. 


Available in 8 and 8.50 gr, these envelopes increase or decrease the humidity so that it is constant and relative to 62%, which is ideal for preserving grass.


A humidor or humidifier is a solid wood drawer with a hygrometer. It is the perfect gift for expert smokers. It is so “high pro” that everyone will hallucinate with it. It exists in both small and large sizes.

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Mikaela Smith is a young Chemical Engineer and an active advocate for medical cannabis raising awareness. A researcher by day and writer at night. After years of collecting information from hundreds of cannabis experts and institution. She wants to inspire others how we could see the world as haven as she found the safest, most effective relief and hope in medical cannabis.

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