One of the most important choices parents have to make just before their child is born: the choice of the crib. The crib is the ideal resting place for the baby, and therefore, it is crucial to find one that is best for your child. However, what should you consider choosing the best baby crib? Take into account important issues like these…

When parents go to buy a crib, they must take into account that their future baby will sleep in it, minimum, until 3 years. Age advisable for the child to go to a bed. Of course, if the crib is a convertible crib, the child will sleep in it until almost adolescence or according to their own needs indicate. How to choose the perfect crib for the baby?

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Above all we must take into account that the cradle we buy is governed by the European safety standard (UNE EN 716, parts 1 and 2, 1996). And it is this, the security, the issue that should concern parents in the first years of the child’s life. The baby does not control his movements and less when he sleeps, and we must avoid falls and incidents that can become serious if the cribs do not comply with these basic safety parameters.

In addition, when choosing the crib for the baby should pay attention to other important points such as that the mattress is at an interior height of 60 cm in its lowest position and 30 cm in the highest. We repeat that safety is always the most important thing to consider. And in this aspect the separation between the bars of the railing should be between 4.5 and 6.6 cm to avoid falls.

When choosing the crib for the baby, if it has wheels, it is recommended that at least two of them carry a brake to prevent the crib from moving suddenly and thus avoid accidents. Also, between the mattress and the edges of the crib there should not be a gap of more than 2 cm on each side.


Another important issue is related to the painting, varnishes and decorations that the cradle has. You should always ask if these elements are non-toxic, since babies in the growth of their teeth surely bite some element of the cradle. Also the trims that must be large enough so that they cannot be inserted into a 31.7 mm diameter x 47.1 mm long cylinder.

And finally, some tips of use, when you have bought a crib. Do not put it next to windows, balconies, radiators or even use waterproof mattress protectors, since they do not allow very good air circulation between the mattress and the sheets. This could pose a risk of suffocation in case the child sleeps upside down.

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