We, humans, are blessed with a vision which can differentiate colour very easily. We have one of the most advanced vision when we compare it other living beings on earth. But when the same vision develops some problem such as blurriness, it becomes somewhat difficult. Myopia or short-sightedness is one such eye problem which usually starts developing in the early age and progresses over the period.

Short-sightedness usually affect the person from the very early age, and it keeps on progressing. A person can also develop such condition later in their lives as more and more people are constantly working on their smartphones and laptops. Now, when we talk about controlling short-sightedness or curbing its effects on your vision, there are various treatment options available. Myopia Control is necessary because once myopia starts it always remains the upward momentum and never seizes to stop. And by taking proper preventive steps for myopia control one can simply reduce or in some cases completely remove the effects of it.

Symptoms and Signs:

It is not hard to figure out if you are having an issue with near-sightedness. A clear sign is having difficulty reading road signs you might also have difficulty focusing on other objects that are just as far away. However up close there are no issues and you may do these tasks extremely well.

There are other symptoms including headaches, tired and hurting eyes which may all lead you to squint.

Following Are Some Short-Sightedness Treatment Options Available:

1. Using Glasses:

Using glasses as one of the most commonly used options for short-sightedness treatment. It is one of the most popular media of treating myopia it is used extensively by children of different age group. The simple yet effective mechanism of eyeglass lenses helps in correcting the angle at which lights hit your retina.  Any optometrist with a certain basic eye test can prescribe eye glasses for their patients. A simple method of diagnosis and even easier way to correct vision makes it the most preferred option for treating short-sightedness.

2. Contact Lenses:

Just like eye glasses, contact lenses are also prescribed by the optometrist. Entire process same as the testing of eye glasses, charts, and another visuals test are conducting and then lens required in determined. The contact lens as a shortsightedness treatment is extensively used and it is one of the most preferred options for those who don’t like to wear eyeglasses and thus the very presence of frames makes them irritated. Contact lenses have mostly preferred a form of treatment for a sportsperson, models, or for those involved in work which requires constant movements. Contact lenses give a much-needed freedom to its user, as they are free from wearing any frame. There are mainly two types of contact lenses: Soft lenses and Rigid gas-permeable lenses. They both have their unique attributes which makes them different from each other. Soft lenses are basically made from soft plastic and are extremely easy to wear and very easy to place it.


When we talk about the above-mentioned short-sightedness treatment option, then we can be assured one thing that they are all of temporary nature. They require cleaning the lenses or replacing the frame and contact lenses as such without them your vision is not clear at all. Lasik is also a popular surgery used for Myopia treatment. This involves creating a flap on the cornea’s surface. A layer of corneal tissue is removed and then the flap is returned. You’ve probably heard about LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses), the most common eye surgery procedure, which can correct near-sightedness and other refractive errors. This type of surgery changes the shape of the cornea – the round, front part of your eye – so that light travels through it and hits the retina correctly.

One can use any of the above mentioned treatment for myopia and correct their vision.

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