Who wouldn’t want to be tall? Well, we all want to.

Height plays an important role in the personality of an individual. People are always eager to increase their height in any way. People with short height often suffer from low confidence and inferiority complex from tall people. In today’s time where the number of medicines and acupressure treatments are available, but they are expensive and might have side effects. There is no 100% guarantee of these methods.

Usually, the natural growth of height stops after 20 years of age as by this time bones get fully developed. People say that going to the gym will stop increasing your height. But it isn’t true.The physical exercises etc. makes body flexible and ultimately result in an increase in height.

Therefore, the best possible way to exercise regularly with proper diet. Regular exercise helps in toning and strengthening muscles. It releases the growth hormone responsible for height gain. Proper diet keeps hormones active and helps them in rebuilding.


Exercises To Increase Height

Not every exercise cause bone to lengthen but stretching & strengthening exercises can improve your posture helps to stand straight. The vertical height of humans is determined by genetic factors but exercise and diet also plays an important role. As the puberty starts and growth plates in the body stop responding, the increase in height also stops.

However, growth continues for some people even at the age 25-30 and this can be achieved through regular exercising. It is advised to practice these exercises 2-3 times in a week for better results. Over-exercising can lead to injury, it must be avoided. Below are recommended best bodybuilding tips which can help in improving posture and increase height.


Bar Hanging

Insignificant effects in height are caused due to compressed spines & joints due to which joint squeeze & cartilage becomes thin, makes a person look short. Hanging on a vertical bar could be a best solution. While hanging lower torso weight stretch the spine and increase the distance between spinal cords. The continuous practice leads to increase in height by 1 to 2 inches.


Roman Chair Lower Ab Leg Lifts

Strengthening the lower abdominals supports the spine and helps in standing straight. As strong lower abdomen can help in correct anterior pelvic tilt & strong abs with lengthening spine upward. Hang your lower body straight down with upper body on the armrests of the chair. Place your back against the back pad and then squeeze your tummy and press your legs together. Bend your knees and bring them towards your chest smoothly. Lower your legs straight again.



It needs to be done on the mat as it includes core & stretching exercises. It is basically a yoga pose that strengthens the middle back, upper back and spine muscles. If back muscles are not strong, body slumps and shoulders become round. Locust helps in pulling shoulders down & back and the chest opens widely. To do the locust, lie on stomach, hold arms at sides & touch the top of feet. Then press legs together and hold them straight. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and return to the normal position.


Cobra stretch

This exercise stretches spine which makes it flexible and supple. It helps in growth of cartilage between spinal cords. Lie on the floor facing down and keep palms on the floor under the shoulders. Arch the backbone up where at the same time the chin also forms an elevated angle. Arch back as much as possible. Repeat it at least for 3-4 times and each repetition must last between 5 to 30 seconds.


Pilate’s rollover

It’s an exceptional exercise where stretching spine helps in increasing upper body. It stretches and also makes the vertebrae of the neck large. It can be practised by lying on back with arms along sides and palms facing down. Keep your legs together, outspread them straight up facing the ceiling and bend them backward making them touch the floor. Touching the floor could be difficult initially, but with practice, it will get easier. The more you stretch, the more spines become large.



It is considered an extremely beneficial exercise for increasing height. Swimming for a couple of hours for at least 5 days a week can give better results. It is an intense form and a full body exercise done in water. It enables to use legs, body, and arms to the fullest and helps in strengthening muscles. Breaststroke is the best swimming style to increase height. Hence, to increase height, it is advisable to learn and practice swimming.



Basketball is a sport that exercises all the muscles and helps in growing. It integrates jumping which helps in increasing muscle growth. It also helps in increasing focus and blood circulation.


Nutrition = Crucial!

Poor height can be a result of inadequate nutrition. Following a balanced diet is essential for improving growth. Ensure that body different types of required nutrients to build strong muscles & ligaments. Foods to be included in diet must be enriched with.

  • Proteins: Proteins are the building blocks of our body and help increasing height by building various tissues. It contains amino acid which is designed for growth hormones.
  • Minerals:Foods containing minerals & calcium is essential for increasing height and maintenance of strong bones.
  • Vitamins:Vitamin D is important for the growth of strong and healthy bones. Its deficiency can lead to decrease in growth, weak bones and short height.

Foods to be included in the diet include:

  • calcium rich foods.
  • eggs.
  • chicken.
  • leafy green vegetables.



The above-mentioned exercises are done regularly, will eventually increase the height. Along with a proper diet and good nutrition, these exercises also boost immunity and facilitates the growth of the body. It is advised before starting any form of exercise consult a doctor whether these are suitable or not.

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