Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition among men. This condition or problem is characterized by a man’s inability to begin or maintain an erection when performing sexual activity. While erectile dysfunction usually affects men ages 40 and above, younger men can also experience such a problem. This particular condition has very few available treatments around the world, with even a few positive outcomes without producing side-effects.

While treatment is rare, there’s still a right amount of clinics available to help you out in case you’re having such problems. For one, an erectile dysfunction clinic in Kansas City could be your best option should you be anywhere near the area. It’s also important to note that not all erectile dysfunction cures are proven safe and effective. If a clinic poses “effective” treatments for this condition at such an affordable price, then things may seem a bit sketchy. Procedures for rare cases like this require extensive research and medicine, so you couldn’t really get one session at a low price. After all, you will be getting what you paid for.

To help keep you away from fake erectile dysfunction cures and treatments that may bring threat to your overall health, we’ve listed a couple of these down below:

Penile Injection

Penile injection therapy is the most common cure or treatment for men experiencing erectile dysfunction. While it is effective, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all penile injections are. Yes, penile injection done in clinics by professional doctors in this expertise can do the job, and it will definitely help cure or improve your condition. However, penile injections brought about by word of mouth or some cheap-looking clinic might do you more damage than good.

Before commencing any treatment or procedure, make sure that you research enough details about penile injections. As mentioned, cures or treatments with prices that appear too good to be true might permanently inflict damage on your overall health. A little research wouldn’t hurt if you really want to get rid of such a condition.

Sometimes, people who claim to be experts and professionals in penile injections mix ingredients that could be harmful to your body. In most cases, these fake penile injections contain petroleum jelly, liquefied guinea pig testicles, and other hazardous and inadvisable substances that could lead to inflammation or infection.

Chewing on Pieces of a Wolf’s Penis

During the 13th century, lots of people believed that chewing on roasted pieces of a wolf’s penis could help a man alleviate his sexual desires, especially during sexual intercourse; hence, “curing” his erectile dysfunction.

But, in today’s modern age, gone are the days (well, it better be!) of chewing on roasted pieces of any animal’s penis! Nowadays, technology is continuously advancing, and more effective, safe, and proven treatments are available. And besides, you never know the different kinds of illnesses you may acquire upon munching on these little chunks.

Applying Electric Current

Yes, you read that right, people think shockwaving a man’s spine, perineum, scrotum, and penis will magically cure his erectile dysfunction.

While there is an on-going research about how it can act as a possible cure today, it has been long gone and forgotten by many. Applying electric current to any part of the body is painful, that even the word painful is an understatement. If anything, it’s agonizing. Electrocuting someone who has committed a grave crime has already been ceased ages ago, and now people expect men to turn to shockwaving or electrocution just to cure his inability to perform well during sexual intercourse?

Applying electric current to any part of a man’s body is definitely not the answer to get rid of erectile dysfunction. There are far more effective and safer treatments offered by clinics and professionals, trust me.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know which erectile dysfunction “treatments” are fake, it’s time to try your best not to associate with any of these and do extensive research should you need to consult a doctor for treatments or cure. Always keep in mind that your health and safety comes first before anything else. And besides, it’s better to be safe than sorry. One mistake can automatically result in a domino effect. Instead of getting rid of one problem, you start acquiring many. And instead of spending less on treatments, you start spending more.

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