When feet hurt, at least part of the problem is often in another part of the body. For example, poor posture often contributes to plantar fasciitis because pressure occurs in certain areas that are not designed to handle it. Sometimes, as in the case of corns and calluses, the foot pain may not have a physical problem at all, but rather be related to ill-fitting shoes or something similar. Understanding the cause of your foot pain is the first step towards addressing it.

One common treatment plan for foot pain is homeopathic medicine. It has the potential to be effective at reducing, or even eliminating, many kinds of foot pain, regardless of its medical diagnosis. There are many remedies that can heal this issue, but these five homeopathic remedies for foot pain should always be considered:


Bryonia Alba


In nature, this plant is a rather nasty vine that’s fairly common almost everywhere, but especially in parts of Europe and Asia. Several states label it as a “noxious weed” that’s injurious to people, livestock, or crops. The berries, and sometimes the leaves as well, contain bryonin, which is possibly fatal at high levels.

Despite the risks, the root is a commonly-used as a laxative. There is also some evidence that Bryonia alleviates foot pain which motion aggravates and rest improves, such as arthritis pain. The root treats the person as opposed to the foot pain. Many of these individuals are irritable and constipated.


Rhus Toxicodendron

In contrast, “poison ivy” is often effective if motion reduces the foot pain. In one study, rhus tox significantly decreased not only some inflammatory lesions in laboratory animals, but also reduced weight changes and promoted overall joint health.

Everyone reacts differently to homeopathic medicine in general, and rhus tox in particular. Some people experience significant relief after just one or two applications, others must stay with a program for several weeks, and others get almost no benefit at all.



This substance is an extract from Marsh Labrador tea, a rather pretty flowering bush that’s common in the upper latitudes of North America, Europe, and Asia. These plants contain terpenes, which in high levels causes dizziness, movement impairment, and even worse. Sometimes, just smelling the flowers is enough to cause headaches.

Application often makes the patient feel pleasantly cold, something like taking a cold bath without experiencing the side-effects. So, ledum pal is often good for:


  • Animal stings and bites,

  • Puncture wounds,

  • Black eyes, and

  • Joint/foot problems, especially gout, rheumatism, and ankle sprains.

In low doses, terpenes is actually something of a stimulant, so people feel more social and less agitated.

Calcarea Carbonica

Oyster shells, along with Sulphur and Lycopodium, is one of the foundational homeopathic medicines. It’s used to treat a wide variety of conditions because as opposed to ointments or pills that just address the area of pain, calcarea carb addresses the source of these issues, which are usually emotional.

Much like ledum pal, this medicine has the potential to be an effective cold therapy. It also addresses some personality issues. People with Calcarea Carbonica deficiencies often struggle with their weight, suffer from anxiety, and have low stamina. All these things often exacerbate foot pain, and that’s probably why calcarea carb is so effective for many people.



Most people consider St. John’s Wort, a pretty little plant, to be a nuisance weed, but its medicinal properties have been well-known in the West for thousands of years. Some people use it to treat mild depression; in other cases, it can be an effective wound care salve.

Hypericum often treats intense nerve pain, from things like puncture wounds, spine injuries, and dental procedures. It contains seven different active chemical ingredients which, acting together, often produce the desired effect.


Honorable mention goes to Guaiacum (for joint pain) and Arnica (injury-related foot pain and bruising).

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