Out of all the extra fat that one might have on their body, the facial fat is the least liked. One can be okay with their chubby body but not with their chubby cheeks.

Although, self-confidence means being okay the way one is but we’re in the time period where we are well aware of the dangers and harms that obesity might accompany and the number of diseases that are probably found in the body of an obese person.

And therefore, many people have been stressing upon losing weight and the concern and attention towards the topic of ‘’weight loss’’ has highly increased.


Well, we all know about the different exercises down to burn down facial fat and the water drinking technique is also highly known. Yes, both of these work a lot but you can speed up the process by eating foods that actually burn the facial fat as well.

These foods not only burn the facial fat but burn the overall body fat targetting the facial fat as well. And well, food and fat burn might be antonyms to you but one must be aware of the fact that diet does not mean starving yourself. It means eating healthy and clean and a very low amount of carbohydrates.

Some of the foods that help burn excessive fat are listed below.

1-  Cinnamon.

New researches and studies have proved cinnamon to be very efficient with fat burning. Cinnamon is known to be helpful with sugar metabolism which means it is very effective for people suffering from diabetes. Moreover, around 2 teaspoons of cinnamon can be efficient in the reduction of blood sugar. So you should use this spice especially for people who are diabetic.

2- Apples.

We have been growing up listening to our parents say, ‘’An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’’. But the question is, Is Apple actually so beneficial?
Well, yes it is. Apart from its juicy and fresh taste, apples are enriched with pectin. Now what pectin does is bind with water and this results in the least fat absorption by the cells which obviously means, least fat build up. You can eat apple minutes before your meal and you might reduce the calories of the meal. Not only are apples very beneficial for this, but they are also helpful with blood pressure issues, cholesterol and so much more. Apples act as anti-oxidants filtering out the harmful wastes out of the body. Apples also make you feel so much more fuller.

3- Leafy green vegetables.

And there are just so many meals you can make with the use of these leafy green vegetables.  These contain anti-oxidants. They are low in calories and yes, enriched with fibre. The leafy green vegetables are known to reduce the appetite which is great because they themselves are low in calories so their consumption kind of fills your tummy with just a very low amount of calories. In addition to this, they are also enriched with calcium and different vitamins which are also needed by the body.

4- Soups.

Yes soups are very delicious. But when we say soups, we do not mean all of them. while you’re on diet, you need to keep the spices minute and avoid some of the soups which might be rich in calories.

Basically, soups are made with the addition of water. Water tends to boost metabolism and burn facial fat. So when you have soup, you not only add the goodness of the different vegetables you might have added into your soup, but you are also intaking water which is a double benefit.

5- Coconut Oil.

The fatty acids present in the coconut oil are known for boosting satiety. Coconut oil is known to cut down and burn off belly as well as facial fat. But be sure, to not add additional coconut oil on your already cooked foods because that simply means adding some extra calories.

What you need to do is, replace many of your different unhealthy cooking oils with coconut oil. In many households, cooking is completely done in this oil because it is considered safe and also very healthy for this purpose.


Are you planning a weight loss journey? Has your journey started but you haven’t included a weight loss calculator?

Well, you do need a weight loss calculator before you go on with the journey. The calculator is more like a planner. You can not even sketch out your diet plan without the use of this calculator.

Let’s just first get a look at the outlook of this calculator.

The calculator is basically aimed at telling you how much calorie consumption you need in order to lose weight. The calculator asks for your gender, age, the amount of time you have for losing weight, your activity level, your height, weight and also the amount of weight you need to lose in this given time. It then does the math and finds out the number of calories you should consume each day which can help you with the weight loss in this amount of time.

This calculator is highly accurate and efficient. Once you know the number of calories you should consume each day, you can simply sketch out a diet plan keeping the number of calories in view. So this calculator is just a starting point for your weight loss journey without which, you just can not go on with anything.

This calculator is free. You do not even need to register to this calculator for the purpose of using it. It calculates the desired value within seconds. However, you have to fill in all the desired boxes before you go with calculating the value.

Moreover, if you do not know your height in cms, you can easily interconvert the units by the help of the metric table which is present. This table can help with the conversion of units and thus make your job much easier.

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