Having a solid sleep schedule is absolutely crucial when it comes to having the energy necessary for the day. Sleeping habits can be different for everyone which makes it so important that each individual explores techniques that result in their best sleep possible. Similar to that of a healthy diet or regular exercise, sleep plays an important role in having a healthy body function and living a balanced lifestyle. 

Here are 4 ways to better your sleep schedule and give you the most energy in your day.


Having a consistent sleep schedule is is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you’re going to receive a good night’s sleep. This natural sleep schedule is known as your circadian rhythm. This natural sleep regulation involves bodily functions such as hormone release and body temperature. Once the body becomes accustomed to your sleep schedule, you’ll find it easier to naturally fall asleep at night or wake up in the mornings.


Everyone knows that caffeine’s main use is to prevent sleep. This often applies when getting ready in the morning. Using caffeine can help the body feel more awake and has been a large part of our culture for centuries. Drinking too much caffeine, especially late in the day, is likely to affect your sleep schedule as its effects can last anywhere from 5-6 hours. Ensure that your coffee consumption isn’t too late in the day to avoid these adverse effects.


When met with the need for sleep, naps can often be tempting as a way to get a mid-day rest in. While this does a great job of meeting the immediate needs of the body, it can perpetuate the problem at hand. Falling asleep at night is likely going to be more difficult resulting in a restless slumber. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep at night, do your best to avoid naps during the day to help combat this issue.


One thing that you should always keep in mind is your sleep environment. This plays a large role in your ability to relax and sleep comfortably. Having a quality mattress and pillow can make all the difference when getting into bed. Additionally, utilizing essential oil diffusers and white noise machines are a great way of relaxing.

If you’ve struggled with your sleeping habits, try integrating these practices into your daily life.

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Cristian Garcia is a freelance writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. He enjoys writing about all things mental health, wellness, tech, and entertainment.

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