Arnica montana

Arnica montana is also known as the “Mountain daisy.” This perennial herb comes from the composite family and it grows all across  the meadows, pastures, and lawns of Europe as well as in western Asia. They are also known for growing in poor soil.

They can grow to a maximum height of about 2-3 feet and in herbal medicine, they have traditionally been made into a tea for mountain climbers, commonly known as “Fall kraut.”

For a clear perspective on the personality type of an Arnica patient, see this video below:



Mind Symptoms


Trauma, feeling traumatic

Feels beaten up

After a shock, accident, or any severe injury they will claim to be fine (even if they really aren’t)

Claims nothing is wrong with him although he is ill


Aversion to consolation and touch, even if hurt


Agitated, shocked state of mind

May have jet lag

Delusion as if beaten, thrown back down again


Dreams: death, mutilated bodies, trauma, violence

Fears: fear of being approached or touched, rape, death, horror


Physical Symptoms



First to think of for any First Aid situation

Repeated injuries


Physically bruised/beaten

Soft tissue swelling


Putrid discharges

Feeling hot and cold simultaneously


The bed, pillow, or anything else feels too hard

Symmetrical eruptions on the body

Febrile hemorrhaging under the skin symmetrical

Fever with blood creeping up the on right and left sides

Heat upper part of body, cold lower part

Great for digestive issues such as intense bloating and gas


Bodily Affinities

  • blood,
  • blood vessels,
  • muscles,
  • soft tissues,
  • digestive system
  • blood is seeping, not gushing




  • better lying down, let alone
  • worse from touch
  • diarrhea is worse from left side


Potential Symptom Causes:

  • surgery
  • injury


Bodily Sensations:

  • head is hot, body is cold
  • cold spot on forehead
  • dizziness on closing the eyes
  • stomach feels like its pressing against spine



  • better from vinegar, sour, cold water
  • worse from  milk, meat, broth, tobacco, brandy


Acute Uses





Pre and post surgery


Can be a great flu remedy, especially if it’s from back pain, bone pain, and the patient cannot lie down

Bruising and sprains

Concussions, #1 Remedy for Concussions

Inflammation of the brain

Head trauma

Postpartum soreness

Shock after accident, surgery



Heart attack

Broken bone

Retinal detachment

Dystentry and diarrhea

Vomiting blood



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