Health is an issue that has to be approached from many angles. We must take care of the food and liquid intake, about the absorption and distribution of nutrients, vitamins and protein, about the way we treat the outer layer of our body and much more. For our general well-being it is essential to learn how to heal the body from the inside out.

1. What does gut health imply?

If gut health is disrupted, it can cause severe problems in our gastrointestinal system such as constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating. Moreover, it can cause extraintestinal problems such as blood sugar dysregulation or mental health issues. There are two variables that determine the state of our gut: the intestinal microbiota and the gut barrier.

The intestinal microbiota

One hundred trillion microorganisms live in our gut and they represent what is known as the ‘gut microbiota.’ These microorganisms affect our organism and health. Gut microbes exist to help the food move through intestines, they shield us from infections and they provide healthy gastrointestinal mucus layer. Gut microbes also influence other organs through complex neural networks. This is why gut microbes are responsible for regulating 70-80% of our immune system. Furthermore, they affect the function of the brain, bones, skin, eyes, heart and muscle tissue. Exactly of these reasons, people say that your gut is your ‘second brain’ and that is how we should treat it healthwise.

The gut barrier

The gut barrier is the system in our bodies whose function is to stop the non-nutritive and harmful substances from leaving the intestine and going into the bloodstream. At the same time, its function is to absorb all the nutritive substances. When there are some problems in the structure of the gut barrier, large proteins and other substances escape the intestine into the blood. This condition is called ‘leaky gut.’ As a consequence, leaky gut can be the cause of many health conditions.

2. Ways to heal the gut naturally

The gut can be healed with the help of pharmaceutical medications but also naturally. Learn how to heal your gut naturally by following these successive steps.

Avoid processed food

You should change your diet and consume more whole foods and food rich in nutrients. Find out what types of food cause inflammation and remove them from your diet. You can do this either by elimination diet or via food sensitivity testing. For most people, inflammatory foods are dairy products and gluten.

Include fermentable fibres

You should eat more foods such as artichokes, onions, garlic and bananas since they are composed of fermentable fibres. These fibres are crucial for our gut health because they aid the development of beneficial bacteria and they also help heal leaky gut.

Include fermented foods

This category of foods includes unpasteurized sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, yoghurt and kefir. They are rich in probiotics, which help restore a healthy gut microbiota and gut barrier.

Add necessary supplements

Sometimes the right diet still isn’t enough in order to make us glow from the inside out. Luckily for us, That Hippie Co offers completely natural gut health supplements. They make glowing from the inside out super easy with their collagen booster with prebiotics capsules, which contribute to skin health and aid the development of good bacteria in our gut system.

Sleep regularly

As for almost every aspect of our lives, sleep is essential here as well. Regular sleeping habits aid the general health of our GI system. You can improve your sleep habits by going to bed and getting up at almost the same time and by avoiding staring at your phone’s screen before going to sleep.


Regular physical exercise keeps your gut microbes in shape, besides other parts of your body.

Reduce stress

We are all under a lot of pressure and stress on a daily basis. But this can be quite harmful to our gut health and that’s why we must learn to cope with stress if we can’t avoid it. A good way of relieving stress is yoga and meditation.

3. Lifestyle & gut health

Modern lifestyles we all lead have some unfavourable effects on our gut health and general health as well. Many people throughout the world suffer because of these negative trends.

Processed foods

Number one problem is the consumption of processed foods. These foods include refined carbohydrates and industrial seed oils. The unhealthy diet reduces bacterial diversity (the more diverse our bacteria are the healthier our gut is) and induces inflammation in the gut. This results in gut dysbiosis which eventually leads to more serious health problems.

Insufficient fibre intake

Our gut microbes need fiber in order to be able to function regularly. If the intake of fibre is lowered then our gut microbes lack their fuel and thus decrease the presence of beneficial bacteria.


When regularly present on a daily basis, stress can have deteriorating effects on our bodies. Stress alters gut microbiota, which then has a chain effect on other health issues as well. It is believed that all the chronic stress-related diseases start from the gut.

Chronic infections

The presence of bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens affect our gut microbiota negatively. Test your gut for acute and subclinical infections once in a while. Sometimes we are not even aware that we are dealing with some kind of gut infection.

Antibiotics and other medication

It has been shown in some studies that birth control pills, proton pump inhibitors and NSAIDs affect the gut to a great extent. When identifying potential gut problems, the use of medication is an important factor to consider.

Circadian rhythm disruption

This disorder is caused by abnormal sleep and wake schedules and blue light exposure at night and it brings about an imbalance in the gut system. It is also a threat to the gut barrier, which we learned is one of the two main variables affecting gut health.

We need to learn how to properly take care of our body and health since there are many internal and external factors that influence us. We have learned that many health issues stem from our gut and that’s why we need to make an extra effort and take special care about it. With some modifications to our lifestyle, we can restore the balance of bacteria in our gut and ensure our general well-being.

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