Although a weekend at the fancy spa resort in Sydney may seem like a luxury or a caprice, spa holidays offer numerous health benefits. Everyone needs a break from the busy world once in a while, complete relaxation of both your body and your mind, and some quality me-time. Therefore, stop showering yourself with a myriad of excuses for why not to, and take a look below at the reasons why you should invest both time and money, in a much-needed spa holiday, i.e. in yourself and your overall wellbeing.

1. Self-care


We tend to neglect the importance of self-care and prioritize our work, school or other people over our own wellbeing. However, personal pampering has both physical and mental benefits, and as such should be an irreplaceable part of your life on a daily basis. During the hefty weeks, this can be achieved through squeezing in an hour or so for a hot bath, a yoga class, or quiet reading time with a glass of wine. And for a better effect, treat yourself with a blissful escape from everyday life – a well-deserved spa weekend in Sydney.

2. Stress-relief

Among numerous benefits of spa treatments, the “feel good” factor is the most instant one. If you’ve ever had any sort of massage, or even just a long soak in a hot bath with sea salts or scented candles around, you know just how nice and relaxed it makes you feel. Massages, warm water and other treatments at the spa are known to release serotonin and endorphins, which are the main hormones associated with happiness levels. Such mood boosters play a crucial part in adopting a low-stress lifestyle.

3. Skin beauty

Skin beauty

Are you having a nasty skin rash, or annoying acne outbreak? Spa treatments are your answer. Regardless of your age or skin type, there are dozens of factors which cause skin problems, most common being stress, lack of sleep or poor diet. Thankfully, spa treatments can be very effective in clearing up blotchy skin, promoting cells regeneration and refining pores. There are plenty of options which offer excellent benefits for your skin – from cucumber masks, through body exfoliation, to laser treatments. Make sure you do some research beforehand and learn what suits your skin type for the best and smoothest results.

4. Detox and anti-aging effect

One of the primary purposes of spa treatments is a whole-body detox. As your body temperature rises in a hot tub or sauna, muscles relax and you also start to perspire so toxins in the epidermis are expelled. Spa treatments are known to help with anti-aging. Besides the fact that it is an effective stress reliever and a relaxer, and as such a great anti-aging technique itself, there are also various spa treatments specifically focusing on this. Facials help delay and prevent the onset of wrinkles by hydrating the skin and stimulating skin cells.

5. Improved sleep

Improved sleep

Have you ever wondered why you sleep better after you’ve had a hot bath? Well, there is a medical explanation for this. Your body temperature increases while you’re in a tub, then cools when you get out, replicating the decline in body temperature that has been measured in deep sleep studies. If you combine this with all the “feel good” hormones, muscle tension relief and other spa benefits, you will inevitably have a good night’s sleep.

6. Weight loss

As previously mentioned, spa treatments are effective for detox and thus open up the skin’s pores, encouraging the body to burn calories. Moreover, there are deep tissue massages which reduce cellulite and help break down fatty deposits through the pressure and friction exerted on the skin. Of course, none of this will magically help you lose weight, unless your lifestyle, particularly diet and physical activity, aren’t coordinated.

Once in a while, it’s healthy to disengage from work, obligations, even family and friends, and introduce a touch of luxury and recreation to your lifestyle. It may seem impossible to afford a time of relaxation and self-care day-to-day, but treating yourself with a mini spa holiday once in a while is definitely doable and extremely advantageous.

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