We often don’t appreciate being healthy until we’re knocked down with a fever and chained to the bed for days because of the vicious flu. The most likely scenario to have happened is that you were working non-stop without paying that much attention to your body’s needs and now you’re paying your dues. What you should know for the future is that your body needs constant care, every day and not only when you don’t feel well. That’s why you should keep the following few tips in mind to always feel energized and healthy.

Keep your weight under control

Being overweight can cause serious problems in the long run. From high blood pressure to cardiovascular problems and ultimately even diabetes, you don’t want to end up being 15+ kg overweight just because you were lazy to keep track of what you eat and how active you are. If you don’t know how to choose the right food for your metabolism, it would be a good idea to talk to a nutritionist and have all the tips and tricks needed to get your body in shape. Mix working out with healthy habits and you won’t ever have to worry about not fitting into your favourite pair of jeans or that sexy dress you wanted to wear for your sweetheart.

Intimacy is good for mental and physical health

Another great way to always stay healthy is to stay close and intimate with your partner. One of the benefits of enjoying the little rituals together, such as cooking together or spending a night in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine telling each other about your day, is that these will keep you in a good mood and offer you a sense of closeness and belonging.

Intimacy is good for mental and physical health

Furthermore, sex is somehow an inevitable part of being close to the one you love and it will make you feel content and happy in the most natural way. If your partner is maybe away for a long time or you’re single, you can always resort to the next best thing and buy sex toys online to offer yourself fun alone time. It’s also a good way to explore your body’s needs and make the nights in the bedroom more exciting in the future.

Do your health check-ups regularly

Who says that you need to visit your doctor only when you feel ill? On the contrary, you should have regular physical exams regardless of the way you feel. Having a yearly exam with your gynaecologist for a Pap smear, ultrasound and mammography should be a part of your yearly routine. Don’t forget to schedule check-ups at the dentist’s too, and make sure your teeth are healthy, white and strong. If you have any untreated cavities, that can lead to a vast number of other health issues. So, don’t risk having multiple teeth rotten, but keep the dental health in check too.

Find time for yourself

Having some me-time is always beneficial for our mind and soul. The busy life rarely gives us a chance to take a deep breath and reflect on all the good that surrounds us. That’s why you should try to find time for some pampering at least once a week. Do you like spa treatments, massages and mud baths? Schedule an appointment at the local spa and spend a worry-free day. Alternatively, stock up on sheet masks, body scrubs, essential oils and scented candles, and have a true spa-like ambience in your own home. This little ritual will allow you to relax, de-stress and unwind in the most soothing way.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but so does regular unwinding and excommunicating from the bustling world. Don’t forget to offer yourself much-needed pleasure with your special someone, and be sure to schedule regular check-ups at the doctor’s to prevent any major health issues.

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