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“The Book That The Homeopaths Use”

When you visit a homeopath for a consultation, have you ever wondered why they use a certain book to try and find the right remedy for you?

This “certain book” all homeopaths use is called the “Materia Medica.”

It is an encyclopedia of homeopathic remedies, and it provides details on the origin and substance of the remedy itself as well as the mental, emotional, and physical symptoms that specific remedy can treat.

Materia medicas have existed since the beginning of homeopathy roughly 210 years ago, after extensive provings by early homeopaths, who experimented with numerous substances, plants, and organisms.

There are numerous Materia Medicas written individually by different master homeopaths, such as Boericke, Kent, and Clarke.

However in recent years, publishers of homeopathic books have written newer Materia Medicas. Many of these are reformatted and edited to enable homeopaths to find a remedy more quickly and efficiently.

Despite this advancement, the question still remains: which homeopathic materia medica should you get?


I Know Which One!

By far one of the best Materia Medica I have seen and used for my own work is Nature’s Materia Medica by Dr. Robin Murphy, N.D.

There are several editions of this book, but the newest and most efficiently useful edition I use is the 3rd edition.

I use other Materia Medicas which are also useful, but I have a special interest in this specific book for several good reasons.


Allow me to explain:


The Newest One On The Market

To the best of my knowledge and research, I believe you will not find another Materia Medica that is this  updated. Most materia medicas date back to the 1990s or earlier.

This makes a huge difference because every year, homeopaths discover and produce more and more homeopathic remedies. That means that in a span of a decade, you can have up to hundreds of new remedies proved and put into use.

Because of this, many older materia medica books do not contain even most of the homeopathic remedies out there, which can limit one’s usage of remedies.

Nature’s Materia Medica was printed in November 2006, after undergoing 12 years of revisions and reformatting.


Jam Packed With Remedies…Including Herbal Remedies

Homeopathic Materia MedicaWhat makes this Materia Medica unique is that because it is one of the more newer editions, it contains the most remedies – 1,400 remedies to be exact.

It has all of the classic Homeopathic remedies from previous years since Hahnemann’s time, as well as 200 newer remedies that have been discovered in more recent years.

In short, this is the most updated and newest Materia Medica that you will likely find anywhere.

Additionally, Nature’s includes hundreds of herbal remedies that can be used for a wide variety of ailments.

So essentially, when buying this materia medica, you are really buying 2 books in one: a homeopathic and a herbal Materia Medica, which may usually cost more.

Do you know of any other materia medica that includes both homeopathic and herbal remedies?


Easy-To-Use Formatting – Makes Reading A Pleasure

What make’s Murphy’s Materia Medica also stick out from others is their amazing and organized formatting.

For each remedy listed, there are several categories that describe a different aspect of the remedy. These categories give numerous descriptions about the remedy such as:

  • the origin of the substance used to make the remedy.
  • comments and notes from elite homeopaths, including Hahnemann, about their uses and experiences with the remedies.
  • their ability to treat specific mind and physically related symptoms.

Here’s a sample page:



Homeopathic Materia Medica



For a better view, feel free to click on the sample page.

Just like for this specific remedy posted, the remedy directories will include different sections for Mind and separate sections for each specific body part, such as the head, abdomen, and back.

You can also view specific symptoms for Sleep, Modalities, Consitutions, and Male and Female related issues, and much more.

What is very useful about this Materia Medica is that it bolds the symtpoms are the most prominent and common for the person needing that specific remedy.

For example, look at the sample page which shows the remedy Cadmium Metallicum. One of the bolded symptoms posted is “post-influenza exhaustion.”

This indicates that most patients requiring this remedy will have that specific symptoms and this remedy can be very effective in healing that specific symptom as well.

Furthermore, like in other Materia Medicas, the last part of each remedy section will show you related remedies and recommend remedies to use for follow-ups after using the remedy of that specific section.


Includes It’s Own Repertory

Unlike other Materia Medicas, Nature’s M.M. has it’s own repertory in the back the Materia Medica (as well as a separate one in book form).

For those who do not know, the Repertory is a book Homeopaths use to see which remedies contain specific symptoms. For example, if I look for remedies that aid in treating insomnia, I can look up “Insomnia” and I will find a list of remedies that are effective in treating that symptom.

So instead of buying a separate book, you can use the Repertory in the back of the Materia Medica in order to see which remedies are helpful for specific symptoms.

This can save you a lot more money in purchasing a another repertory, as good repertories usually cost around $85 or more.

You’ll save even more time and effort in find the remedy that you need, and you do not need to travel with more books on you.


Cons – Not Every Homeopathic Materia Medica Is Perfect

Although Nature’s materia medica is excellent there are some cons that you should be aware of before purchasing:

  • Considering the fact that the book includes 1,400+ Homeopathic and herbal remedies as well as a repertory, it is a BIG book. Not the easiest to carry around with you on the go.
  • Like with other materia medicas, it doesn’t always state the essence or main aspect of the remedy.
  • The format in this materia medica is much different from the vast majority of other ones. The rubrics used are worded differently than others, which can make it harder for users of other materia medicas to use.


Nonetheless, considering the awesome pros that the book offers, you may be better off with this Materia Medica, more than others.


Final Verdict

To conclude, Nature’s Materia Medica is a must buy. 

  • You’re getting a stacked, organized, and easy to use materia medica. that essentially has 3 books in one (homeopathic & herbal directories & Repertory).
  • It costs less than many others
  • It’s the newest one out there
  • It contains the most homeopathic and herbal remedies out there today, their descriptions, and for which specific mental and physical symptoms they can aid with.

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You won’t find a better Materia Medica out there, and if you purchase another one – then you’re missing out.


About the author

Ariel Baradarian

Ariel Baradarian, CCH is an experienced holistic certified homeopathic practitioner with success in addressing a wide variety of mental, emotional, and physical ailments in men, women, and children of all stripes. He works both alongside local medical and integrative doctors and their patients as well as with his own growing, global private practice, both in person in his office in Queens, NY and globally via video chat sessions. Ariel is also a natural health blogger and chief editor of, which is dedicated to helping others heal on all levels using various types of natural healing, including homeopathy. In addition, he is the New York Producer of the Vibrant Living Network, an inspiring organization dedicated to promoting a community natural and holistic health, mindful consciousness, relational intelligence and more!

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  • I have a friend who absolutely hates going to the doctor. He doesn’t like antibiotics and he absolutely hates waiting in line for hours just to talk to a doctor. Your book is most likely what he needs. He has always been interested in herbs or things you can do at home to help yourself. I think it’s most likely the influence of his grandmother. She loves treating him with her own “grandma style formulas” and he always gets better. I am going to recommend your Nature’s Materia Medica to him to see if he would like it. Thank you for the information.

    • Awesome! I do feel however that he may do best with a homeopath that will Ben able to address all of his needs and issues from the proper homeopathic perspective, along with buying the book and learningabiut homeopathic remedies.

  • I’m very on the fence when it comes to homeopathic medicine. As a scientist I believe in hard, black and white evidence. But the “realist” in me realizes that there are a lot of natural things out there that are beneficial. What makes you believe these things work.

  • I posted onto your website:
    I’m very on the fence when it comes to homeopathic medicine. As a scientist I believe in hard, black and white evidence. But the “realist” in me realizes that there are a lot of natural things out there that are beneficial. What makes you believe these things work.

    • Excellent question!

      I don’t believe that homeopathy works, I know that homeopathy works. As a matter of fact, this was my question too before pursuing my homeopathy studies. This led to my own investigation in homeopathy which included seeking out solid quality clinical research, the opinions of unbiased medical doctors, alternative practitioners, people that used it, etc. The combination of these factors led me to realize the effectiveness and power of homeopathy. Like you, I also believe in the fact that if something is true or it works, there must be good scientific evidence for it. Of course like any other medicine, it also as its limits, but when done correctly it can really change the lives of others. Just ask some of my first clients who were completely skeptical of homeopathy before seeing the best results that they’ve ever had in their entire lives.

      Hope this helps.


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